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Big Ant Studios is an Australian game development studio founded in 2001 by CEO Ross Symons, a software development pioneer with a professional history that stretches back to the 1970's when he first authored a number of internationally published books on programming and games for platforms including the TRS80 and Commodore PET/VIC20/64 series of personal computers.

Big Ant Studios, one of the largest game developers in Australia, develop premium character action and racing content for platforms that include the Sony PlayStation2, PlayStation3, Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox360, and PC. Supported by such leading global publishers as THQ, Konami, and Sierra Entertainment, Big Ant Studios have achieved significant market success. Every console title developed by Big Ant Studios has gone on to sell multiple hundred thousand units.

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Big Ant Studios Melbourne

  • Level 10, 271 Collins Street,
  • Melbourne
  • Victoria
  • 3000
  • Australia

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