Jurie Horneman,

"Jurie Horneman has been making games since 1991, from huge RPGs to console action games to mobile and online casual games. He has worked as a game designer, programmer, and producer, at companies such as Blue Byte, Rockstar Games, Arkane Studios, and the Vienna-based Mi'pu'mi Games, which he co-founded. In his copious spare time he runs Gameconfs, a directory of game industry events. Born in the Netherlands, he currently lives in Lyon, France."

Recent articles by Jurie Horneman

"Games tend to be marketed by numbers, story is hard to quantify"

King of Dragon Pass creator David Dunham talks to Jurie Horneman about the importance of a solid narrative framework

By Jurie Horneman

The Tools of the Trade

Making sure a team has what it needs to get things done is everybody's job

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Investigating Her Story

Jurie Horneman talks to Sam Barlow about one of the year's brightest indie gems

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Knowing When To Stop

A life in game development can mean stress, fatigue and worry. Jurie Horneman has learned the value of stepping back

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Play Context

Jurie Horneman on what matters about the where and why

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Innovation: Doing Things the Hard Way

New columnist Jurie Horneman on why fresh ideas should be difficult

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