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UK teams working on PlayStation HUB, PS3 back-compatibility

Key elements of the technology for PlayStation 3 - including the PlayStation Network Platform and the software to enable back-compatibility with PS and PS2 games - are being worked on at Sony's UK studios, <i></i> has learned.

Microsoft execs rekindle HD-DVD hype

As the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo looms ever closer, executives at Microsoft have once again begun to confidently predict a victory for HD-DVD, dismissing Sony's Blu-Ray format as another Betamax.

Probst performing well as EA CEO

EA's CEO Larry Probst features in the latest report from financial website, taking home USD 12.9 million in total compensation and receiving a high ranking in the analysis of performance vs. pay.

Sony trialling PlayStation online payments with RBS

The planned online service for the PlayStation 3 continues to take shape, with sources close to the Royal Bank of Scotland telling <i></i> that the bank is working with Sony in the UK on trials of an online payment mechanism.

GameSpot UK launches

GameSpot UK today becomes a leading UK source for gaming information online