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  • Sun launches major initiative with Game Technologies Group

    The company behind the Java platform, Sun Microsystems, has announced plans to focus on the networked gaming sector - with the launch of a new Game Technologies Group within the company, headed up by Chris Melissinos as Chieft Gaming Officer.

    Rob Fahey

  • Nintendo's Spaceworld on hiatus - again

    Reports in the Japanese press are indicating Nintendo has opted not to hold a Spaceworld showcase event this year - making this the second year running that the event, previously an annual occurance, has been shelved.

    Rob Fahey

  • <i></i> launches new industry services

    It's the first anniversary of the launch of - and the world's number one trade news source is celebrating its birthday with the launch of two key new services for the interactive entertainment industry.

    Rob Fahey

  • Atari confirms two new Matrix titles

    A spokesman for Atari UK has denied that the company will release a new Matrix game to tie in with the launch of the third movie this Christmas, but stated that Shiny will develop new games based on the franchise for release at Christmas 2004 and in 2006.

    Rob Fahey

  • US court rules against restrictions on violent games

    The IDSA is celebrating a ruling by a federal appeals court in the USA which has overturned a Missouri law restricting the sale of violent games to minors, claiming that it is a key victory in its ongoing fight against censorship legislation.

    Rob Fahey

  • Xbox 1.5 rumours gather speed in Japan

    A number of Japanese magazines are reporting that Microsoft is moving ahead with plans to release a redesigned Xbox, dubbed "Xbox 1.5", which will come in a significantly smaller case than the original model.

    Rob Fahey

  • Sony announces UK PS2 online details

    The PlayStation 2 will finally go online in the UK on June 11 as the Network Adapter kit arrives at retail, priced at £24.99, with two multiplayer-enabled titles available at launch and several more to come.

    Rob Fahey

  • Spring 2005 launch for next Nintendo console?

    A number of online sources are reporting that Nintendo will launch the successor to GameCube as early as Spring 2005, with the platform holder allegedly already talking about the new system with key external developers.

    Rob Fahey

  • UK Charts: Matrix holds No.1 slot

    Enter The Matrix made it three weeks at the top, with very little movement anywhere else in the All Formats Top 40.

    Kristan Reed

  • Rod Cousens appointed CEO at Acclaim

    Publisher Acclaim has announced the appointment of president and COO Rod Cousens to the role of CEO, replacing company co-founder Greg Fischbach, who has resigned from the position after holding it since 1987.

    Rob Fahey

  • Japan Charts: Market looks up after slump as Nintendo's Hamtaro debuts on top

    The Japanese software sales market seems to be picking up slightly after a major slump in the past few weeks, with a number of new releases reinvigorating sales, including Nintendo's latest addition to the Hamtaro franchise on GBA.

    Rob Fahey

  • Australian Xbox and PS2 price cuts.

    Microsoft and Sony have cut their console prices in Australia within hours of one another, with both companies introducing a new price point of AUS$329 (€180), broadly in line with recent price cuts in continential Europe and the USA.

    Tom Bramwell

  • PlayStation - the house that Sony built

    Following the announcement of two new additions to the PlayStation family in the form of PSP and PSX, <b>gi</b>.biz takes a close look at Sony's place in the games industry as its strategy to conquer the living room continues to take shape.

    Rob Fahey

  • Blow for Argonaut as Malice and Orchid are canned

    UK developer Argonaut has been hit today by the cancellation of publishing deals for two key titles, Malice and Orchid, while poor retail performance of Kung Fu Chaos has prevented the commissioning of a sequel.

    Rob Fahey

  • Record quarterly results for Take 2

    Publisher Take 2 Interactive has announced its financial results for the three months ended April 30th, showing record sales and profit thanks to the launch of several successful titles - and, of course, strong ongoing sales of Vice City.

    Rob Fahey

  • Bam sued over unpaid royalties

    Movie studio Spyglass Entertainment has filed a lawsuit against Bam Entertainment, alleging that the struggling publisher owes it over $260,000 in royalties for its Reign of Fire videogame.

    Rob Fahey

  • 3DO files for bankruptcy

    Troubled publisher 3DO came a step closer to bowing out of the game entirely today, with a filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a Californian court, and is now hoping for a sale of the company to rescue it.

    Rob Fahey

  • Covert acquisition for growing IOMO

    UK mobile games developer IOMO has acquired mobile gaming studio Covert Operations for an undisclosed sum in one of the first internal consolidation moves within the mobile development sector in the UK.

    Rob Fahey

  • UK Charts: Enter The Matrix holds the top spot

    Atari's movie tie-in Enter The Matrix is at number one in the UK sales charts again this week, and there are new top ten entries for EA's The Sims Superstar and Def Jam Vendetta, and Konami's Silent Hill 3.

    Rob Fahey