Don't believe the hype: a basic guide to engaging with your players

My.Games' Alexey Izotov explores the balancing act of generating hype for the Academy

By Alexey Izotov

How the Dauntless community taught Phoenix Labs about trust

Phoenix Labs' Nick Clifford explores the value of building lasting relationships within your community, and how to get there

By Nick Clifford

A developer's guide to releasing a game on Steam

Everything you need to know about publishing on Steam, direct from established developers and Valve itself

By Marie Dealessandri

A game developer's guide to Steam wishlists

Developers tell the Academy about how to make the most of Steam wishlists, while Valve clarifies its mysterious algorithm

By Marie Dealessandri

Growing mobile games through user acquisition

Nordeus' Andrej Kugonič takes a deep dive into UA for the Academy

By Andrej Kugonič

Top five tips for creating an effective pitch deck

Fundamentally Games' Ella Romanos explores the key aspects of a pitch deck to find investment

By Ella Romanos

A crash course in live service games

AccelByte's Raymond Arifianto on getting to know your players, why it matters, and the best way to monetize

By Raymond Arifianto

The secrets to standing out in mobile app stores with App Store Optimization

Sponsored article: Lab Cave's Virginia H. Plaza explains how to make your app shine on the iOS App Store and Google Play

By Sponsored Article

How to get the most out of your game's Steam page

Developers tell the Academy about their top tips to have a Steam page that stands out

By Marie Dealessandri

Loveshark's investment story: How to impress angel investors

In this second part, the studio's CEO Tara Reddy offers advice on securing those crucial first supporters

By Tara Reddy

Loveshark's investment story: How the AR developer impressed the Oliver Twins

In the first of two parts, Philip Oliver shares how developers should approach investors

By Philip Oliver

Valve's advice for making your game thrive after launch

Discovery on Steam is vital for indie developers -- Valve's Sophie Mackey offers six ways to improve your game's visibility

By Matthew Handrahan

Valve's top tips for launching a game on Steam

The Academy delves into localisation, wishlists, game tags, and other tools to ensure the best possible launch on Steam

By Matthew Handrahan

How events being featured on Steam is changing games marketing

For the Academy, Michal Napora explores what events being featured on Steam can do for your game

By Michal Napora

Ethical community management in a struggling world

Kitfox Games' Victoria Tran on the positive role of community management during times of stress and upheaval

By Victoria Tran

Who owns your video game?

An issue between the NFTS and its students has raised questions about IP ownership -- Sheridans' Tim Davies is here to help

By Tim Davies

What's the secret to great PR?

Former Ubisoft and EA PR Lidia Rumley shares advice on not just promoting your game but also your business

By Lidia Rumley

Four steps to launching a VR game on Oculus

Richard Duck details the technical and content guidelines for launching a virtual reality game on Oculus

By Marie Dealessandri

Eight principles for making a game influencer-friendly

ICO Partners' David Ortiz Lapaz lays out ways developers and marketers can make games work for content creators

By Brendan Sinclair

How to pitch your indie game

TinyBuild CEO Alex Nichiporchik offers advice on how to win over publishers, press and more

By Alex Nichiporchik

Marketing tips for indie developers who hate marketing

Chris Zukowski discusses the fundamentals of marketing for indie developers who don't know where to start

By Marie Dealessandri

Why culturalisation matters as much as localisation

Kate Edwards discusses how to approach culturalisation, and how to navigate sensitive themes so your game can reach wider markets

By Marie Dealessandri

How to create a successful Patreon

Content creators tell the Academy about best practices when creating a Patreon page and how to grow your community

By Marie Dealessandri

Six ways video game composers are missing out on money

Video game music is more accessible than ever before, but a lack of business knowledge among composers means money is being left on the table

By Mat Ombler

What to do when your video game leaks

Legal experts talk us through the ways to mitigate the chance of a leak or take advantage of the situation

By George Yang

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