How to secure funding for your indie game

Global Top Round's Pontus Mahler deciphers the world of funding, from accelerators to venture capital

By Pontus Mahler

How to pitch your hypercasual game to a publisher

Supersonic Studios' Danielle Reich Cohen gives tips about how to pitch to hypercasual publishers the right way

By Danielle Reich Cohen

Finding a publisher in a pandemic: How to stand out in a sea of Zoom calls and digital events

Publishers discuss how to make your pitch more memorable, and the risks and rewards of platform holder deals

By Giancarlo Valdes

Analyzing an indie F2P success on Steam

GameDiscoverCo looks at how Slapshot: Rebound went top shelf with customization microtransactions and in-game ads

By Simon Carless

How to get the most out of your community and embrace its ideas

Star Stable's Johan Sj÷berg gives tips about interacting with your players in a way that helps grow your company

By Johan Sj÷berg

How streamers pick games: An interview with SplatterCat

GameDiscoverCo's Simon Carless asks the indie-focused YouTuber about the logistics of constantly finding new games to feature

By Simon Carless

How China's gaming regulations affect its market and the rest of the industry

Daniel Camilo explores the complexity of the Chinese market and whether it's worth considering for international developers

By Daniel Camilo

A developer's guide to releasing a game on Steam

Everything you need to know about publishing on Steam, direct from established developers and Valve itself

By Marie Dealessandri

How Unpacking kept a steady heartbeat after going viral years before launch

Witch Beam's Wren Brier and Tim Dawson discuss how they cultivated their passion project's spark after it went viral

By Marie Dealessandri

Navigating the post-IDFA world: All you need to know about iOS 14.5

Check out all our Academy guides to complying with this year's disruptive iOS update

By Marie Dealessandri

Creating game videos: best practices and pitfalls to avoid

Alconost's Natalia Shuhman shares her experience in game trailer and teaser production

By Natalia Shuhman

Do Steam's pre-launch wishlists and post-launch sales line up meaningfully?

GameDiscoverCo is back with more takeaways from its recent survey of Steam developers

By Simon Carless

A beginner's guide to mobile distribution

GameBake's Michael Hudson explains how to approach your development and distribution journey on mobile

By Michael Hudson

What might your Steam 'long tail' revenue be?

GameDiscoverCo shares the results of a developer survey to extrapolate first-month and first-year sales from launch week

By Simon Carless

Three strategies for mobile ad creatives in an iOS 14 world

IronSource's Adam Stevens explains how to design creatives that address challenges introduced by the iOS privacy updates

By Adam Stevens

Pitfalls to avoid when looking for funding

1047 Games' Ian Proulx explores how to narrow down prospects, remove confusion, and speed up the funding process

By Ian Proulx

The biggest games in the world are only as successful as their communities

Keywords Studios' James Gallagher analyses recent success stories, showing the various ways to build a community

By James Gallagher

The perfect publisher pitch deck

Fundamentally Games' Ella Romanos details each key section that should be covered in a pitch deck

By Ella Romanos

Deep dive: How went from web game to $1 million Steam hit

The latest GameDiscoverCo column digs into the numbers behind the successful game with creator Tobias Springer

By Simon Carless

How to make bundles work on Steam

Piotr Bajraszewski breaks down the mechanics of 11 Bit Studios' Bundle Madness sale, and how it sold nearly 1m units in a week

By Piotr Bajraszewski

What you need to know to ensure your ad creatives are successful in China

Nativex's Irene Yang guides mobile developers who wish to enter the lucrative Chinese market

By Irene Yang

How to take full advantage of Steam Festivals

TinyBuild's Michael Kuzmin details best practices when it comes to making the most out of Valve's events

By Michael Kuzmin

Five reasons why game localization matters

Keywords' Yago Sagrado explores the many reasons why developers and publishers should consider localizing their games into more languages

By Yago Sagrado

Estimating Steam and console sales: Two battletested methods

GameDiscoverCo and Fellow Traveller offer developers two models to forecast their games' sales potential

By Simon Carless

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