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Pitfalls to avoid when looking for funding

1047 Games' Ian Proulx explores how to narrow down prospects, remove confusion, and speed up the funding process

By Ian Proulx

The biggest games in the world are only as successful as their communities

Keywords Studios' James Gallagher analyses recent success stories, showing the various ways to build a community

By James Gallagher

The perfect publisher pitch deck

Fundamentally Games' Ella Romanos details each key section that should be covered in a pitch deck

By Ella Romanos

Deep dive: How went from web game to $1 million Steam hit

The latest GameDiscoverCo column digs into the numbers behind the successful game with creator Tobias Springer

By Simon Carless

How to make bundles work on Steam

Piotr Bajraszewski breaks down the mechanics of 11 Bit Studios' Bundle Madness sale, and how it sold nearly 1m units in a week

By Piotr Bajraszewski

What you need to know to ensure your ad creatives are successful in China

Nativex's Irene Yang guides mobile developers who wish to enter the lucrative Chinese market

By Irene Yang

How to take full advantage of Steam Festivals

TinyBuild's Michael Kuzmin details best practices when it comes to making the most out of Valve's events

By Michael Kuzmin

Five reasons why game localization matters

Keywords' Yago Sagrado explores the many reasons why developers and publishers should consider localizing their games into more languages

By Yago Sagrado

Estimating Steam and console sales: Two battletested methods

GameDiscoverCo and Fellow Traveller offer developers two models to forecast their games' sales potential

By Simon Carless

Optimizing for the first 24 hours: Conversion values and iOS 14.5+

Adjust's Katie Madding explains the importance of leveraging behavioral activity in the first 24 hours of the player's journey

By Katie Madding

Winning the business development game (without feeling like a sell-out)

Fundamentally Games' Oscar Clark details ways to connect with people, build relationships and find business opportunities

By Oscar Clark

The Age Appropriate Design Code: A quick, practical guide for games businesses

Wiggin LLP's Peter Lewin and Patrick O'Connell on how to comply with the new rules ahead of the September deadline

By Peter Lewin & Patrick OConnell

Game localization for discovery: Trickier than you think?

GameDiscoverCo's Simon Carless says the decision to localize is about a lot more than the size of the target market

By Simon Carless

An introduction to intellectual property in the games industry

Trade mark attorney Aaron Wood on why IP is so crucial, which types are most prevalent and how devs can protect theirs

By Aaron Wood

Tips to connect with investors that are right for your studio

Lightspeed's Amy Wu offers useful advice for developers and studios seeking investment partners

By Aaron Lee

Building anticipation: How to make engaging gameplay trailers

Marketing agency Gnet shares practical advice on elevating your marketing by getting the most from your footage

By Aaron Lee

Perceptions matter: Small things to make your game's marketing stand out

Marketing specialist Michal Napora on how subtle changes in word choice and language make you more memorable

By Michal Napora

Tip-top TikTok tips for game marketing

Jenny Windom of Wholesome Games talks with GameDiscoverCo's Simon Carless about promoting games on the viral video sharing service

By Simon Carless

Four things you need to know before raising money for your game

Makers Fund's Ašalsteinn "Alli" Óttarsson shares his advice for teams approaching venture capital firms for funding

By Ašalsteinn

The 'combo' era: how GaaS, subscriptions, and IAP mesh on PC/console

GameDiscoverCo's Simon Carless explores the network effects of games-as-a-service, recurring commitments and in-app purchases

By Simon Carless

How to engage fans before launch

Maverick Media's Andy Hammond details his approach to developing marketing ideas

By Andy Hammond

The game rating problem you don't want, and how to mitigate it

GameDiscoverCo's Simon Carless looks at games being automatically pulled over IARC ratings and what developers should look out for when obtaining a rating

By Simon Carless

Looking for the signal: Subscription app tips for iOS 14.5

Adjust's Katie Madding explores best practices for games utilising subscription models

By Katie Madding

Three key discoverability takeaways from the Epic/Apple lawsuit

GameDiscoverCo's Simon Carless looks at the data around platform splits, exclusives and free games revealed in this week's legal proceedings

By Simon Carless

Hypercasual UA and ad monetization in a post-IDFA world

Adjust's Katie Madding shares some best practices to minimise the impact of iOS 14.5

By Katie Madding

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