Getting your game covered, as told by journalists

Games journalists assemble to give indie developers tips on how to efficiently pitch to the press

By Marie Dealessandri

Everything you need before you even think of pitching to a publisher

GYLD's co-founders break down all the information and materials that publishers request when assessing your game

By Fabian Malabello & Lex Suurland

From finding investors to pitching publishers: The funding journey explained

Our panel of experts lays out everything you need to know about securing funding in the games industry right now

By Alex Calvin

How V Rising reached one million sales in just one week

GameDiscoverCo talks to developer Stunlock Studios about the secrets behind its success

By Simon Carless

What's going on with social media and games communities right now?

Evolve PR's Colin Cummings lays out the state of play for social media and community management in gaming

By Colin Cummings

Music licensing in games: trials, tribulations, and what's next

Experts in music licensing reveal their biggest challenges, advice for publishers big and small, and what they expect from the future of music in games

By Rhys Elliott

Does a Day 1 Game Pass debut make your game convert worse on Steam?

GameDiscoverCo takes a shot at answering that question by comparing pre-release hype with launch-week Steam reviews

By Simon Carless

Charting the evolution of social instant gaming

Gismart's Alexey Avdey explores how developers and publishers can make the most of the social instant gaming opportunity

By Alexey Avdey

Mastering predictive lifetime value in the iOS 14.5+ era

Adjust's Katie Madding explores how to make accurate LTV predictions in a post-IDFA world

By Katie Madding

Could the UK's Online Safety Bill change gaming worldwide?

Fieldfisher's Frankie Everitt and John Brunning explore the ramifications of the flagship policy and what you should be doing to comply

By Frankie Everitt & John Brunning

How Dread Hunger found and retained an audience

GameDiscoverCo talks with James Tan of Digital Confectioners to find what made the social deduction game click

By Simon Carless

A crash course in understanding trademarks | GDC 2022

Sheridans' Tim Repa-Davies gave an overview of how trademarks work, and what to look out for when it comes to giving a publisher access to your IP rights

By Marie Dealessandri

TikTok lessons from Among Us' success | GDC 2022

Innersloth's Victoria Tran shared tips about how to run a games TikTok account

By Marie Dealessandri

Deep dive: Inside Strange Horticulture's delightful Steam success

Iceberg Interactive CEO Erik Schreuder recaps the occult plant store puzzle game's launch strategy

By Simon Carless

A post-IDFA guide to user acquisition for indies

Tenjin's Christopher Farm offers advice on how small mobile studios can attract more players to their games in 2022

By Christopher Farm

Lessons learned from getting an indie publisher off the ground

Untold Tales CEO Maciej Łączny reflects on what went right and wrong in launching the indie publishing outfit

By Brendan Sinclair

Should you be bringing your creatives in-house?

IronSource's Dan Greenberg looks into the intricacies of ad creatives production on mobile

By Dan Greenberg

How to squeeze the most out of your demo

Michal Napora gives tips on marketing your demo for the Academy

By Michal Napora

A look at how publishers select, review, and sign indie games

Alessandro Cossidente explains what games go through to get from pitching to publishing

By Alessandro Cossidente

Deep dive: Turning around your game's reviews post-launch

Pathway dev Simon Bachmann discusses the game's path from Mixed reviews at launch to a Mostly Positive success

By Simon Carless

Lessons learned from the success of Spiritfarer

Thunder Lotus' Nicolas Guérin and Rodrigue Duperron reflect on the journey of the million-selling indie hit

By Colin Campbell

10 takeaways from the new CAP guidance on in-game purchases

Wiggin's Peter Lewin breaks down new legislation on in-app transactions and what it means for developers

By Peter Lewin

What to do when bringing big-name IP into your mobile game

FunPlus' Bob Slinn shares lessons from bringing Joker and The Walking Dead into its zombie strategy hit State of Survival

By Bob Slinn

What developers can learn from last night's The Apprentice

Industry veterans Ian Livingstone and Roberta Lucca offer further advice after judging this week's episode

By James Batchelor

An introduction to machine translation for localisation

Alconost's Kris Trusava looks into the advantages and challenges of machine translation to localise games

By Kris Trusava

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