How to get the best game publishing deal

Don't be afraid to negotiate and realise your value to avoid a publishing deal gone wrong

By Zachary Strebeck

How to get your game funded at PAX

Our guide to success at the Investment Summit in Boston and Seattle

By Christopher Dring

Cheat software: Can publishers level the playing field?

Legal expert Dr Andreas Lober offers practical advice to publishers battling the rise of cheat software in online games

By Dr Andreas Lober

What I learned about community management from my immigrant parents

Kitfox communications director Victoria Tran on how compassion is at the heart of good community management

By Victoria Tran

How to market your video game and find your target audience

Versus Evil, Raw Fury, Headup Games, Good Shepherd and Dan Adelman offer advice to developers on how to market their game

By GamesIndustry Staff

When to release a game: Ten things to consider when choosing a video game release date

There are important factors to consider when deciding a video game release date

By Christopher Dring

Game convention exhibiting guide: The real cost of exhibiting at a game expo

We break down both the obvious and the not-so-obvious costs of showing off your indie game on the convention circuit

By Matt Sayer

The truth about revenue sharing | Opinion

Revenue sharing has allowed great games to be made, says Unlock Audio's Elliot Callighan, but it's also used as a crutch by inexperienced teams

By Elliot Callighan

How to get your game released on Google Stadia

Google's Ray Bautista says Stadia is "moving away from the Wild West that exists in some storefronts today"

By Rebekah Valentine

How do you evaluate a mobile game's profit potential?

Aleksandr Enin of My.Com's IT Territory Game Studio takes a deep dive on determining which fledgling games can be salvaged and which need to have the plug pulled

By Aleksandr Enin

Phoenix Point crowdfunding breaks $2 million -- here's how it was done

Snapshot Games explains how $250,000 on advertising drove almost $1.2 million in revenue

By Christopher Dring

How to stop big publishers breaking your business

During this year's Reboot Develop, Ninja Theory's Nina Kristensen detailed the rights studios should fight for

By James Batchelor

How to get to 'WOW!': The challenging road to marketing VR

Insomniac senior community developer Tim Salvitti talks about what the studio learned (and unlearned) when it came to pushing VR games

By Tim Salvitti

GDPR: Frequently Asked Questions

In the final part of their GDPR guide, Purewal & Partners' Jas Purewal and Peter Lewin tackle the industry's most common concerns

By Jas Purewal and Peter Lewin

Managing your stakeholders: A game developer's guide

Fundamentally Games' Ella Romanos offers advice on how to communicate better with publishers, investors and other partners

By Ella Romanos

Media training for beginners

Insomniac's Ryan Schneider shares tips for devs to make the most of their press interviews, from proper preparation to spotting gotcha questions

By Ryan Schneider

The Podcast: Licensing your IP, with Gary D Nissenbaum

Latest episode available now, discusses how to arrange merchandise deals and more

By James Batchelor

The Podcast: Indie publishing with Good Shepherd

Latest episode available now, discusses what publishers look for and why they invest in businesses not games

By James Batchelor

How to avoid a bad investor

Financial experts discuss the warning signs developers should look out for during the Investment Summit

By James Batchelor

How to launch a mobile game in multiple countries

Tappx CMO Ignasi Prat offers advice to developers hoping to release their app in as many markets as possible

By James Batchelor

Redefining community management for games-as-a-service

Rebecca Ford's multifaceted job at Warframe studio Digital Extremes underscores one of the industry's most dramatically changing roles

By Brendan Sinclair

How to get the most out of a games convention

Road to Rezzed: PR execs share their tips on dealing with press, consumers and making your booth sing

By Christopher Dring

Four simple ways to get more influencers covering your game

Innervate consultant Becky Taylor offers GDC 2017 attendees helpful advice on how to attract YouTubers and streamers

By James Batchelor

How to handle a data hack

Cyber security and data privacy lawyer Stefano Debolini explains what you need to be aware of if it happens to you and how you can avoid it

By Stefano Debolini

What your game's price really means

For indies, determining how to price a game isn't just about "fair value." Scott Brodie offers a how-to pricing guide to help you figure it out

By Scott Brodie

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