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Tips to connect with investors that are right for your studio

Lightspeed's Amy Wu offers useful advice for developers and studios seeking investment partners

By Aaron Lee

Building anticipation: How to make engaging gameplay trailers

Marketing agency Gnet shares practical advice on elevating your marketing by getting the most from your footage

By Aaron Lee

Perceptions matter: Small things to make your game's marketing stand out

Marketing specialist Michal Napora on how subtle changes in word choice and language make you more memorable

By Michal Napora

Tip-top TikTok tips for game marketing

Jenny Windom of Wholesome Games talks with GameDiscoverCo's Simon Carless about promoting games on the viral video sharing service

By Simon Carless

Four things you need to know before raising money for your game

Makers Fund's Ašalsteinn "Alli" Óttarsson shares his advice for teams approaching venture capital firms for funding

By Ašalsteinn

The 'combo' era: how GaaS, subscriptions, and IAP mesh on PC/console

GameDiscoverCo's Simon Carless explores the network effects of games-as-a-service, recurring commitments and in-app purchases

By Simon Carless

How to engage fans before launch

Maverick Media's Andy Hammond details his approach to developing marketing ideas

By Andy Hammond

The game rating problem you don't want, and how to mitigate it

GameDiscoverCo's Simon Carless looks at games being automatically pulled over IARC ratings and what developers should look out for when obtaining a rating

By Simon Carless

Looking for the signal: Subscription app tips for iOS 14.5

Adjust's Katie Madding explores best practices for games utilising subscription models

By Katie Madding

Three key discoverability takeaways from the Epic/Apple lawsuit

GameDiscoverCo's Simon Carless looks at the data around platform splits, exclusives and free games revealed in this week's legal proceedings

By Simon Carless

Hypercasual UA and ad monetization in a post-IDFA world

Adjust's Katie Madding shares some best practices to minimise the impact of iOS 14.5

By Katie Madding

An introduction to iOS 14.5 and its impact for mobile developers

AppSecTest's Julian Evans explains how to comply with Apple's latest update

By Julian Evans

Google's guide to growing your mobile games business

At GDC Showcase 2021, Brent Dance and Paula Wang went through the basics of user acquisition and how developers can connect with the influx of new players coming to mobile

By Marie Dealessandri

How to find a new audience for your mobile game | GI Live Online

Xsolla's Miikka Luotio provided insight into bringing mobile games to other platforms during GI Live: Online

By George Yang

An introduction to advertising on Reddit

EVP and president for global advertising Harold Klaje tells the Academy how gaming brands and developers can best use the platform to market their title

By Marie Dealessandri

A guide to GDPR requirements for mobile game developers

AppSecTest's Julian Evans simplifies GDPR for game studios, and details the rules they need to follow and why

By Julian Evans

The secret to publishing games overseas: Be more local than locals

Man Zhou shares Tencent's experience of helping to make Chinese games popular in Japan through successful localization

By Man Zhou

How to integrate IP licensing into your marketing strategy

Clipwire Games' Mary Kaye Fraser explores IP licensing for mobile, and what studios should know before taking the plunge

By Mary Kaye Fraser

Ad quality is a UX challenge

Brainium's Scott Willoughby says mobile devs need to ensure shoddy advertising doesn't undermine their efforts

By Scott Willoughby

Making marketing mistakes or the art of failing properly

At GDC Showcase, Innersloth's Victoria Tran explored the right way to approach failure, and what you can learn from it

By Marie Dealessandri

Five areas not to compromise when creating a game video

Alconost's Natalia Shuhman highlights the aspects of video production where it doesn't pay to cut corners

By Natalia Shuhman

Deep dive: Behind-the-scenes data on a Steam F2P game

Robot Squid and Spilt Milk share data on the PC performance of King of Crabs, its free-to-play mobile-PC battle royale game

By Simon Carless

Balancing data and creativity: Is there a magic formula for hypercasual games?

Voodoo's Antonin Chapelon details what it takes to stay at the top of the hypercasual mobile market

By Antonin Chapelon

How to get your music placed in a video game

The Academy talks to experts from both industries to create the ultimate guide to getting your music placed in a video game

By Mat Ombler

Five steps to boost your game's performance on the app stores

SplitMetrics' Lina Danilchik details how to optimise your app store's product page

By Lina Danilchik

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