How to localize a game video: A checklist for developers

From the timing of the voiceover to text in the UI, preparing a game video for a target market is more complicated than you think

By Natalia Shuhman

A closer look at Raw Fury's publishing contract

GameDiscoverCo's Simon Carless digs into the details and developer criticisms of the publicly posted agreement

By Simon Carless

How to map social media to your marketing funnel

Phoenix Labs' RuthAnne Berry talks about using social media to meet your game's goals

By RuthAnne Berry

IP licensing for games: How to profit from brand injections

Yodo1's Yu Huan Mirko explores how partnering with IP owners can benefit your studio

By Yu Huan Mirko

Lessons learnt from business development in Africa

During Africa Games Week, Nyamakop's Limpho Moeti explored how growing your business can benefit your local industry

By Marie Dealessandri

Are seasonal creatives worth it?

AppLovin's Alice Guillaume looks into how holiday-themed mobile creatives can drive UA and engagement

By Alice Guillaume

Not all Steam wishlists are created equal

GameDiscoverCo's Simon Carless explores why developers are seeing wildly different conversion rates of wishlists after launch

By Simon Carless

Everything you need to know about making and releasing a demo

The Academy explores why and when developers should make a demo, how to approach its release, and what makes a good first impression

By Marie Dealessandri

Investing for success: a comprehensive guide to raising money

nDreams' CEO Patrick O'Luanaigh details how to secure funding and avoid some of the pitfalls of investment

By Patrick O'Luanaigh

How to support players in constantly evolving live games

Keywords Studios' Marek Niszkiewicz describes some of the opportunities and pitfalls when supporting games-as-a-service players

By Marek Niszkiewicz

The ultimate guide to selling your indie game

At Develop:Brighton Digital, Network N's James Binns laid out the strategy and tactics indies should follow to sell more games

By Marie Dealessandri

Seven questions to ask before creating a game trailer

Alconost's Natalia Shuhman offers practical advice on creating an essential marketing tool for any game developer

By Natalia Shuhman

All eyes on esports: staying ahead of the legal hurdles

As investment pours into the sector, legal firm Reed Smith offers advice to new companies seeking to avoid legal pitfalls

By Nick Breen & Hunter Thomson

Ten risks associated with the new EU Digital Content Directive

Legal expert Sebastian Schwiddessen breaks down how buggy games at launch, shutting titles down early and more can violate consumers' rights

By Sebastian Schwiddessen

In-app ad segmentation 101: How to split and analyse your players

IronSource's Justin Norman gives an introduction to ad segmentation and monetisation strategies

By Justin Norman

Seven tips for running a $100 million user acquisition budget

SciPlay's CMO Noga Halperin goes through the principles that can make or break an app's UA results

By Noga Halperin

Five best practices for making high-performing creatives

AppLovin's Alice Guillaume explores how to make mobile game ads that stand out

By Alice Guillaume

The social media strategy behind Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Oliver Hindle explains how Mediatonic rapidly grew its hit game's Twitter to one million followers

By Oliver Hindle

Why playable teasers are way better than demos

TinyBuild CEO Alex Nichiporchik discusses the benefits of playable teasers and offers advice on how to create your own

By Alex Nichiporchik

How to pitch your game remotely

Ahead of our latest Investment Summit Online, 22Cans' Bradley Crooks offers advice to developers on how to impress publishers and partners over video calls

By James Batchelor

Marketing is the business of selling entertainment, not news

With no news to share about the game, 32-33's Michal Napora took advantage of the PC Gaming Show by creating a "moment" for Inkulinati

By Michal Napora

Five top tips to avoid the post-investment hangover

Ahead of the GI Investment Summit this week, Fundamentally Games' Ella Romanos describes how to navigate the early months of building a business

By Ella Romanos

The ultimate guide to pitching your game

Ahead of our Investment Summit Online next week, Execution Labs founder Jason Della Rocca leads advice from all around the industry about how to pitch your game

By Marie Dealessandri

What hypercasual mobile game publishers look for in developers

Supersonic Studios' Nadav Ashkenazy explains what it takes to get your hypercasual game published

By Nadav Ashkenazy

Free and easy ways to cross-promote your game

Straw Fawn Studio's Philomena Schwab shares tips on how to work with other developers on your marketing

By James Batchelor

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