Blizzard details StarCraft II beta

Warcraft studio working on four projects, but won't release any until completely satisfied

Blizzard COO Paul Sams has said that the beta for the highly-anticipated StarCraft II will begin shortly.

He also confirmed that as well as Warcraft updates and Diablo III, the team is also developing a brand new massively multiplayer online game.

"Coming up in the months ahead will be the StarCraft II beta test. The beta will be played on a basic version of our new architecture, which will give us the opportunity to test the game and the service in a live environment," detailed Sams.

"Over time, we will be adding features to deliver a second generation experience. We know that the demand for StarCraft II is very high.

"The original StarCraft has sold more than 11 million copies worldwide and the sequel has been named on several most-anticipated lists," he added. "We are aiming to release StarCraft II as soon as possible, but as with all previous Blizzard games; we won’t ship it until we feel it is ready."

Despite having a such a large workload, Sams said that his team would not release any games until they met the high quality benchmark expected of the developer.

"This goes not only for our upcoming World of Warcraft content, but also for StarCraft II and Diablo III, as well as our unannounced massively multiplayer game.

"While the amount of development activity we currently have underway is as high as it’s ever been, we are fully committed to maintaining our quality standards with each and every product that we deliver," stated Sams.

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