Disney intros Kids TV streaming box

[UPDATE] Snakebyte says CES demo was "a speculative prototype," adds that it does not hold a license or have plans for Disney-branded hardware

[UPDATE]: A representative of Snakebyte reached out today to clarify the company's plans, saying reports out of CES stemmed from "an unapproved Snakebyte prototype demo." The Disney-branded hardware pictured in those reports was a "speculative prototype" created for discussions with Disney about acquiring a license for some franchises and characters, according to the rep. Those discussions apparently did not involve plans to release the Disney-branded streaming box, and Snakebyte currently holds no license from Disney.

The original story follows below.

While Disney scuttled its internal game development last year, the company is keeping a foot in the games business through licensing. The latest example of that came from the Consumer Electronics Show, where German peripheral maker Snakebyte unveiled the Disney Kids TV streaming media and games box, according to Tom's Guide.

The $99 box is based on an Android TV OS, and will come pre-loaded with a variety of Disney movies, TV shows, and games, as well as interface themes starring brands like Frozen and Mickey Mouse. Those aren't the only kid-friendly features, as it will also offer users a completely ad-free experience.

The device will include games, but they might not be a major focus of the package. A Disney-branded Bluetooth controller for the system is in the works, but it will be an optional add-on rather than bundled in with the hardware. Fortunately, Disney Kids TV supports existing Bluetooth game controllers as well. Snakebyte expects to launch the box sometime this year.

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Jeff Kleist Writer, Marketing, Licensing 6 months ago
Fun fact

Disney was working on something similar with Microsoft back in 2005, their abandonment of the project due to HDi's limitations is much of what set off the HD disc War, as Microsoft was counting on a pile of cash.

Expect to see this in clearance aisles this time next year. Every single single brand box has failed to sell, and even the power f the Disney brand is unlikely to be the exception. People want one device for everything.
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