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Monumental Games goes into administration

Tue 10 Jan 2012 9:23am GMT / 4:23am EST / 1:23am PST

25 jobs lost as UK studio closes; hopes to sell IP to interested parties

Monumental Games

Monumental is all about its employees. Founded in 2005 the company has grown steadily over time, always...

UPDATE: Administrators acting for Monumental have confirmed to that all 25 employees at the studio have been made redundant.

"The Company has some valuable intellectual property which we are marketing at present and several parties have already expressed interest in purchasing these assets, we are hopeful a deal can be concluded quickly," said Patrick Ellward of RSM Tenon.

Original story: UK studio Monumental Games officially went into administration last week.

The Nottingham-based developer worked on Moto GP 10/11 for Capcom and Little Horrors, a 3D browser game built using the company's own Prime engine.

In 2010 Monumental closed down its Manchester studio and later let more staff go following the loss of a project, believed to be the Transformers MMO which is now in development at Jagex.

The company was also in the process of securing partners to use its in-house Prime Engine, partly funded by the Technology Strategy Board.

The company promoted former Codemasters chief exec Nick Wheelwright as CEO this time last year as it focused the majority of efforts on the browser market.

As well as offices in Nottingham, Monumental also has a presence in Pune, India. Monumental Games has not yet responded to requests for comment.


Bruce Everiss
Marketing Consultant

1,692 594 0.4
Nick is an exceptionally bright cookie so it would be interesting to know what has happened here.

The good news is that the market for talent has never been stronger with startup app companies springing up everywhere.

Posted:2 years ago


Luke Salvoni
Co-Founder & iOS Developer

65 4 0.1
This is a great shame - particularly enjoyed their visit back at Sheffield Hallam University when I was there a couple of years ago.

Best of luck to all affected by this loss.

Posted:2 years ago


Martyn Brown
Managing Director

138 33 0.2
@ Bruce. That's a fair point, but due to the nature of start-ups it's tough for devs with mortgage/kids and the like to stomach the usual income drop or fear the risk of a thinly-backed operation. Best wishes to all affected. Massive sea-change and transition right now.

Posted:2 years ago

Yep, best of luck to those affected. Here's to better times.

And what Martyn said - new start ups are exciting, but excitement doesn't pay the bills, unfortunately. Having said that, we've seen some awesome successes over the last few years.

Posted:2 years ago


robert troughton
UK General Manager

221 93 0.4
Really bad news to start the year... hope that everyone there finds their feet.

Posted:2 years ago


Stewart Gilray
Managing Director

33 29 0.9
We had a couple apply from their Manchester office last year, they wanted UN-REALISTIC wages for the North.

Posted:2 years ago


Carl Silvers

22 25 1.1
A terrible start to the new year. I'd be happy to talk to any of those affected.

Posted:2 years ago


Kingman Cheng
Illustrator and Animator

952 180 0.2
Oh boy... : /

Good luck to all you guys.

Posted:2 years ago

Sad news to start the year, good luck to all involved!

Posted:2 years ago

Sorry to hear this. Do we know how many people are affected?

Posted:2 years ago

@ Paul. I heard 20-odd.

Posted:2 years ago


Matthew Hill
Head of Recruitment

75 26 0.3
@Paul Approx 20 as Fran mentioned but there have been earlier waves. I would anticipate most find new roles with Codies, Crytek UK, Outso, Jagex, Playground, Sumo and others within a "reasonable" commute.

Good look to all affected

Posted:2 years ago


Iain Key
Technical Director

5 0 0.0
Sorry to hear about that, good luck to all everyone involved

Posted:2 years ago


Rob Jessop
R&D Programmer

37 35 0.9
By all means apply, our current vacancies are listed on our website:

Posted:2 years ago


Steven Pick
Lead Graphic Designer

70 14 0.2
Terrible news. Good luck to those affected.

Posted:2 years ago


Andy Gahan
Managing Director

8 12 1.5
That's terrible news - I wish everyone the very best of luck finding a new job.

Posted:2 years ago


Will Whitaker
Art Director

1 0 0.0
Very sorry to hear this. There are some really good people at Monumental

Posted:2 years ago

Typically announcements of closures seem to have been about companies making games for the high-risk AAA console space. RTW, Team Bondi, Bizarre Creations, Black Rock... (Denki are an exception that come to mind, but they're bouncing back after refocusing.) So I

Posted:2 years ago


Dave Vout

5 3 0.6
Very sad news, it's not what the UK industry needs to hear at the moment.
Any coders from Newcastle/north east wanting to to go to a small creative studio in North Shields, we've just opened a new dev studio there and looking to build a cross platform team during 2012.

Posted:2 years ago

Aye, sorry to hear this, Hope everyone involved finds their feet again soon.

Posted:2 years ago

Just updated the story - 25 jobs lost.

Posted:2 years ago

I am sorry to be so blunt but the middleware business especially in MMO isnt really an easy one considering you are up against Unity & Co. Social gaming was clearly on their agenda but somehow it didnt materialise. Thats a real shame. Best of luck to them all.

Posted:2 years ago


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