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Tiny Speck: Mobile dominance "happening right now"

By Matthew Handrahan

Mon 24 Oct 2011 8:53am GMT / 4:53am EDT / 1:53am PDT

Glitch developer says mobile devices will outpace next generation of consoles

Tiny Speck, the studio behind the browser-based MMO Glitch, believes that mobile devices will be the dominant gaming platform for the next ten years.

Speaking to IndustryGamers, Kakul Srivastava, the company's vice president of product and operations, stated that mobile's dominance is not a matter for the future. "It is what is happening right now," she said.

"I think the killer console is going to be your mobile device. That is absolutely where people will play more rich and involving, and even graphically intensive games."

"What excites us is how much more you can do on the iPhone 4 than you were able to do with previous generations of iPhone. And if you watch Android development cycles, it's going to be your mobile device."

The pace at which hardware manufacturers are adding features and iterating on the technology cannot be matched by the traditional console cycle of 5 to 7 years. Srivastava believes that mobile will be far ahead by the time the next consoles actually arrive.

"That pace of change is why mobile devices are going to be the console of the future. The way player interaction and player needs are changing, it's much faster than the five to seven years that we're talking about."

Srivastava's comments echo those made by Bioware co-founder Dr. Ray Muzyka in an earlier interview, in which Muzyka admitted that the studio would pursue mobile extensions of all of its franchises.

"Mobile's going to be one of the dominant platforms going forward," he said. "It's going to be right up there with anything else - it already is in a sense."

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Hannah Fordham Junior Community Manager, IndieCity

2 0 0.0
So why did they release a browser-based flash game which doesn't have an iOS, WP7 or Android client for the game itself? (They have an iOS Glitch app, but it doesn't allow you to actually play the game...)

Posted:5 years ago


John Donnelly Quality Assurance

313 38 0.1
With the huge costs for the 'mobile devices' (aka phones) which require 2 year contracts to afford in most cases how long will it be until the telcos are looking to lock people in for 36 or 48 months as standard.

When that happens, how many people will want the 'super phone' of today for that long?
What about the wide range of hardware that will follow?
How many different CPUs are there in phones today, that for one will cause problems with system fragmentation where you have to compromise or cut a share of the possible market.

Mobie is good but its still fraut with problems you dont get with most consoles that have a 5+ year life cycle.

Posted:5 years ago


Dave Herod Senior Programmer, Codemasters

534 801 1.5
"I think the killer console is going to be your mobile device. That is absolutely where people will play more rich and involving, and even graphically intensive games."

Rich and involving? Where are these games? I've been looking for a decent game on the Apple Store for ages and every time I look I see "cut the watermelon in half with your finger" games or "throw a bird at a pig" games. I've not seen a single phone game that's been anything more than something to pass the time on a bus journey. How are these supposed to become more rich and involving than the likes of Arkham City, Deus Ex, Battlefield, Skyrim etc?

Posted:5 years ago

I think any mobile phone contract longer than 12 months is too long. At 8-10 months, one is naturally inclined to upgrade already...

Posted:5 years ago


John Donnelly Quality Assurance

313 38 0.1
I am lothed to sign up for longer than 12 months but its getting very expensive to try and get a good phone on 12 month contracts now.

Look at what O2 will charge if you want to get an iPhone on pre-pay or 12 months contracts.

Posted:5 years ago


David Bachowski VP Business Development, Babaroga

66 0 0.0
Well to be fair @John, Apple sets a lot of their pricing. Other high-quality devices are much cheaper on 12-month contracts than an iPhone.

Posted:5 years ago


John Donnelly Quality Assurance

313 38 0.1
Apple do charge for the brand name but the Samsung S2 is not that much cheaper than the 4s.

Sansung may be more willing to offer incentives to the retailers to push their handsets but the fact remains that its hard to get a new high-end phone without paying out hundreds of pounds unless you lock yourself in to 24 month contract.
In some cases a new PS3 or 360 is cheaper than the phone is and there is no contract with those.

Posted:5 years ago


Yiannis Koumoutzelis Founder & Creative Director, Neriad Games

367 211 0.6
True but none of these other high quality devices is as high quality as an iphone or ipad! We all have seen staggering menus and low fps on these non apple devices... Even the most powerful ones!

However so far even 3DS visuals look better than most mobiles. Not to mention online gaming and multiplayer featur. Something that no doubt is going to change in the future. But still there is plenty of space to grow!

Posted:4 years ago


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