Valve launches Steam Trading beta

Allows trading of in-game items and Gift games in Team Fortress 2, other games to follow

Valve has launched the Steam Trading Beta, a new system that allows users to trade Steam Gifts and in-game items.

The beta currently only applies to Team Fortress 2, but, according to a FAQ on Steam, " Portal 2 should be reasonably soon and we hope to have several third-party games in the next few months."

Along with in-game items, any game purchased in the Steam Store as a Gift, or received as an "Extra Copy", can be traded with other users. Only unopened Gift games will be accepted in the system.

A new checkout option has been introduced to the Steam Store that allows users to save a Gift for trading at the point of purchase.

The news follows Blizzard's introduction of an auction house in Diablo 3 that allows players to sell loot for real currency.

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Latest comments (2)

Harley Gresham Game Design graduate seeking employment 5 years ago
It seems logical to launch this actually, I've seen many people trade games for items (yes, virtual hats!) so this just cuts out the dodgey middle man. I hope this works out well for everyone involved.
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Tim Carter Designer - Writer - Producer 5 years ago
Middle men aren't dodgy. They provide a service like any other.

Unless you don't ever use stores, of course. (They are middlemen too.)
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