EA buys social gaming dev Ohai

Publisher snaps up San Francisco based Unicorn Parade studio

Reports suggest that Electronic Arts has acquired Ohai, the social gaming company responsible for Facebook title Unicorn Parade.

According to VentureBeat, the publisher has purchased the San Francisco company for a low price, but has yet to announce the deal.

Ohai CEO Rex Ishibash, a former GM of EA Japan, hasn't made any public comment on the news.

Ohai was formed in 2008 by Susan Wu, and the original line up featured Sony Online Entertainment's Scott Hartsman and Don Neufeld. Blake Commagere, a veteran Facebook developer, was also with Ohai for a short time.

At the end of last month Frank Gibeau, head of the EA Games label, spoke about the company's interest in casual games.

"We're aggressively investing in things that are very low cost like free-to-play. The free-to-play group inside of EA Games is growing extremely fast - we've got 17 million users."

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Mary Hilton Community Manager, Reclaim Your Game6 years ago
I wonder if this report is accurate, because EA just did buy PopCap-did they buy both, or just one? If they bought both, they're spending an awful lot of money for 'social games' that has yet to be justified for future revenue.
I wonder if EA is moving too quickly on a premise that might not hold true. Still, it's their money, their mistake.
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Ashley Tarver Indie 6 years ago
Ohai only cost 6million didn't it?
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