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Garry's Mod catches pirates with error message

By David Jenkins

Wed 13 Apr 2011 10:25am GMT / 6:25am EDT / 3:25am PDT

Creator locks pirates out of mod and forum via secret Steam ID reveal

The creator of Garry's Mod has revealed that he intentionally added an error message to the commercial version of the mod, which only appears in pirated versions of the game.

Speaking on Twitter Garry Newman commented on how he, "Just enabled this error in GMod today. It happens when you pirated it. Having fun watching people complain." He then provides a link to Google searching for the error message "unable to shade polygon normals".

The error only occurs in pirated version of the utility, with the user's 64-bit Steam ID also forming part of the message. Newman has identified the pirates and locked them out of the illegal version, while also banning them from his forum.

Questioned by fans as to why he implemented the measure, Newman responded: "I don't think the error isn't going to boost GMod sales. I just like to give people that paid something to be smug about."

Although it first became popular in 2004 as a free download, Garry's Mod has been available on a Steam as an officially-licensed Source engine product since 2006.

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David Stenow

22 0 0.0
Brilliant. Never tried Garry's Mod, but thinking about buying it now.

Posted:5 years ago


Posted:5 years ago


James Taylor Studying Games and Interactive Entertainment, Queensland University of Technology

11 0 0.0
I miss messing around in gmod. Such a creative community.

Posted:5 years ago


Terence Gage Freelance writer

1,289 126 0.1
"Questioned by fans as to why he implemented the measure"

I think he should be congratulated, not questioned! Sounds like a great idea, and a slick way to get pirates to expose themselves.

Posted:5 years ago


Lynn Vanbesien Office Manager, Larian Studios

1 0 0.0
Indeed: brilliant! :-)

Posted:5 years ago


James Prendergast Research Chemist

783 492 0.6
As long as there's no false positives and that there's some way to question the decision if you believe you've been wronged - unlike the official Steam policy atm - because software is always 100% reliable and DRM never harmed or inconvenienced legitimate customers....

Edited 1 times. Last edit by James Prendergast on 13th April 2011 2:40pm

Posted:5 years ago

Well done! Just the right prod to remind pirates that some of us work for a living around here.

Posted:5 years ago

Bravo Garry

Edited 1 times. Last edit by David Gonzalez on 13th April 2011 2:43pm

Posted:5 years ago


Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator

962 187 0.2
In short, bloody brilliant!

Posted:5 years ago


Steven Pick Lead Graphic Designer, Atomhawk Design

70 14 0.2
Never tried it. I'm buying it now - genius move.

Posted:5 years ago


Alex Dawson Technical Art director, Firing Pin Games

13 0 0.0
Where is this man so I can slap him a big high five!

Posted:5 years ago

That's a hilarious and amazing way to catch pirate :O

Posted:5 years ago


Martin Asnong Tool Programmer, Ubisoft Montreal

1 0 0.0

Posted:5 years ago


Markus Lai Editor

1 0 0.0
a huge wi-five to him.

Posted:5 years ago


Peter Ohlmann Technical Director

22 6 0.3
Good idea, but nothing new.

Settlers III (a RTS city building game from 1998) was famous for its peculiar copy protection: in pirated versions of the game, iron smelters would only produce pigs instead of iron, which made weapon production impossible. Same here: many people complained about that in the support forums uncloaking themselves.

Posted:5 years ago


Trevor Johnson Environment Designer, Compulsion

8 0 0.0
This really isn't anything new, Autodesk used to (i don't know about now) put tons of tiny bugs and errors into its software that would be fixed upon legitimate activation. Eyeon Fusion also had/has something very similar.

Posted:5 years ago


Cain Sinopoulos Community Developer, Massive - A Ubisoft Studio

4 0 0.0
hehe, nice one indeed.

For those who haven't played GMod, it is a cheap (cost) and endless way to be creative, have a laugh and a great way to take a break from more serious games.

With the right mindset and a little creativity, you can build anything you can think of in GMod.

Posted:5 years ago


Stephen Hands Director, 3dnative

7 0 0.0
Brilliant fingers up to pirates. These guys are based down the road from our office. Nice to see some local talent kicking up an international storm. GMod is a fantastic sandbox providing more ways to skin a cat than any other SB pretender.

Posted:5 years ago


Jamie Watson Studying Bachelor of Games & Interactive Entertainment, Queensland University of Technology

179 0 0.0
thats a good little move,now why cant more devlopers do something like that instead of using bad DRM?

Posted:5 years ago


Gregor Manby Producer

13 0 0.0
Clever! I have to ask though, if its this easy to catch out pirates... Why not just include some feature that makes them unable to play the game in the first place..?

Posted:5 years ago


James Prendergast Research Chemist

783 492 0.6

It is DRM.... Just in a different form.

@Gregor: Because they're never 100% accurate and this sort of DRM can obscure actual problems (or confound them). e.g. a TitanQuest scenario. Or the recent DA:O debacle... Your DLC is unauthorised because you're a whinging pirate!! not because you have a legitimate grievance... I love the excuse they came out with about that.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by James Prendergast on 14th April 2011 5:37am

Posted:5 years ago


Sam Bargeron Studying Game Design Bachelors of Science, Full Sail University

1 0 0.0
I wonder how accurate the detection is. I know a lot of legitimate sony customers had their machines turned into bricks by the anti-hack update they did a year or two back.

Posted:5 years ago


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