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We are an indie developer founded in 2003 and based in an old train yard in Derby. We scavenge the old train parts and use them to make video games. We are sort of like digital wombles. I think that maybe breathing all the diesel fumes from the passing trains may be part of the reason why our games are so colourful and weird. The founders were all working at various large studios when they decided it was time to strike out on their own, to get away from giant mega projects and get back to making smaller, more personal games.

Despite the fumes we have developed robust cross platform technology which enables us to efficiently develop for Xbox360, PS3, Wii and PC. We also have stand alone iPhone tech as well.

We are always interested in developing publishers project including license based titles or ports/conversions.

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Office details

  • The iD Centre, Lathkill House, The rtc Business Park, London Road
  • Derby
  • DE24 8UP
  • United Kingdom

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