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StarForce Technologies

The StarForce Company is the expert in software and digital content protection against copying, cracking and unauthorized use. For more than 10 years we have been successfully developing and implementing an ultra-modern complete suite of technological means for copyright and intellectual property protection worldwide. StarForce not only produces and sells software products, but at the same time today we position ourselves in the ability of being reliable and responsible Technological partner for those who constantly incur a loss due to computer piracy, unauthorized data access and information leaks.
Self developed Digital Right Management system (DRM), which surely integrates with the protection core, unlocks a tremendous opportunity for developers and publishers of digital content delivery and sales management.
StarForce is one of the three leaders in the world’s intellectual property protection market and is the leading developer of protection tools on the

StarForce Technologies, Moscow

  • Address:
    Altufevskoe shosse, 5/2
    127106 Moscow, Russia
  • Russian Federation

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  • Phone +7 495 967-14-51
  • Fax +7 495 967-14-52
  • Contact Dmitry Guseff, Alexey S. Semchenko
  • Email,
  • Website

Office details

  • Russian Federation

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