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Games Development
BTEC Extended Diploma Creative Media Production

Equivalent to 3 ‘A’ levels, this course is for creative individuals seeking exciting careers. Graduates from this course can progress to university or seek work in industries such as Computer Games or Film and Television. Three of our first-year students reached the national finals of the UK world skills competition for Arts and Media and two others took the top two places in a ‘Safe Surfing’ design competition run by Wandsworth Council from over 400 entries. Join this course and get career-enhancing opportunities such as these.
The Games Development course is about developing competitive skills in 3D modelling; producing Gaming assets (characters, vehicles, plants and creatures) level design (using UnrealEditor technology) and animation.
Individual and group projects start with Concept art, and skills are taught in idea generation and digital illustration. 3D assets are produced to specifications ranging from 8bit machines right up to 7th Generation consoles (PS3/360/Wii) and tested in Games Engines. As appropriate, tutorials and keys skills are part of the course

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