Soshi Games

SoshiGames is a social games publisher that is working to bring together the rapidly changing worlds of social gaming, social networking and digital music consumption.

We’re a passionate young company that recently secured seed funding to take our MusicFestivals MMO to market and to build up the franchise across multiple social networks and platforms. The game lets players build a virtual music festival (toilets and all!) in which they can ‘book’ real world bands and then stream in 15million songs. We are on a mission to ‘gamify’ the discovery, sharing and consumption of new music from both established and emerging artists. We’re building exciting partnerships with major artists, festival promoters, music tech platforms, music publications and more.

We’re looking for some great people who want to be an integral part of a product development team working at the cutting edge of cloud-based application development and deployment. If you are tired of being a small part of a big team and what to leave your mark then this is your opportunity.


  • Birmingham Science Park Aston
    Holt Street
    Faraday Wharf
  • Birmingham
  • West Midlands
  • B7 4BB
  • United Kingdom

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