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"Substantially improved" profitability for games doesn't prevent sales dip for Sega

But publisher still confident net sales will rise to $3.6 billion for the financial year

Sega Sammy operating income up 246.6% this quarter

Entertainment segment drives huge year-on-year profit increase

Sega to reduce digital development after rocky performance last year

Operating income from games falls 33.7% to $88 million

Sega Sammy revenue and profit down in latest financials

Japanese firm posts $24.5 million loss from digital games

Sega Sammy cuts “long overtime” by 80-90%

Japanese firm updates progress on Road to 2020 with continued focus on games

Jump in physical game sales can't save Sega from sales and income drops

Games success not enough to overcome slumping arcade and smartphone performance

Sonic Mania success makes up for digital shortfalls in Sega financials

Retro platformer leads packaged game sales of 8.65 million, but publisher hopes for stronger download performance by April

Physical sales up, digital down in Sega Sammy's Q1 results

Video games business contributes to 50.2bn sales, but download sales down 21% year-on-year

Sega Networks cuts staff amid "hyper-competitive" market conditions

Sega's Western mobile division appears to have shut down Puzzle Pirates studio Three Rings

Sonic the Hedgehog headed for Hollywood

Sega Sammy CEO says live-action/CG hybrid movie is in the works with Sony Pictures for 2018 release

Sega's games revenue in decline after nine months

Packaged Games revenue down 17 per cent, unit sales down 30 per cent

We've lost the trust of older fans - Sega CEO

Hajime Satomi wants to win customers back, establish the company's brand once more

Is Sega finished with console retail?

Voluntary retirement and further redundancies will hit Sega's workforce as it focuses on the "growth area" of Digital Games

Sega made an $18m loss in the first half of FY2015

Digital sales eclipse packaged games once again

Sega's gaming business rebounds

Full-year game revenues up 19 percent; Total War: Rome II sells 1.13 million copies

Sega to split Index Corporation

Recent acquisition will become two companies: Index and Atlus

PC and digital now driving forces for Sega

Packaged revenue now even with digital, PC sales double those on console after nine-months

Sega's revenues slide amidst restructuring

Games division makes an operating loss of 780 million as publisher reduces number of releases

Sega returns to profitability in Q2

London 2012 tie-in drives packaged goods sales to 1.34 million units for the quarter

PlayStation Vita gets tagged by Jet Set Radio HD

Sega's upcoming port of the Dreamcast classic will also be coming to Sony's handheld

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