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Rising Star Games is a publisher of next-generation video games across Nintendo and Sony gaming platforms. With decades of combined experience in video games publishing between us and a genuine passion for interactive entertainment, everyone in this small dedicated team wants to bring the very best titles from Japan to the European market.

RSG is now in its seventh staggeringly successful year of trading and has published more than 30 titles for Wii, Nintendo DS, Sony PlayStation 2 and PSP.

Our portfolio includes popular franchises and original intellectual gaming properties like Harvest Moon, No More Heroes, Bomberman and Bubble Bobble.

RSG is set to bring more fantastic titles to Europe in the coming months including: Rune Factory for DS and Wii, Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness, Populous for Nintendo DS, Little King's Story for Wii, R Type Tactics for PSP and many more...

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Next month will see publisher release its first project for phones and tablets in Harvest Moon Lil' Farmers

Hidetaka 'SWERY' Suehiro

The Deadly Premonition producer on his cult hit and Japanese development

Marvelous sells stake in Rising Star Games

UPDATE: Japanese firm sells up and moves to licensing model for Western releases

Rising Star hits back at censorship criticism

The CEO of Rising Star Games, Martin de Vries, has responded to criticism levelled at the company following the announcement that forthcoming title No More Heroes would differ in content to the US edition.

"No More Heroes" censored in Europe

Rising Star Games has confirmed that the European release of No More Heroes for the Wii will be censored like the Japanese version

Rising Star picks up No More Heroes

Rising Star Games will publish Suda 51 and Grasshopper Manufacture's No More Heroes in Europe in February 2008.

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  • Basepoint Business & Innovation Centre
  • Butterfield, Luton
  • Bedfordshire
  • LU2 8DL
  • United Kingdom

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