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Facebook acquires Ready at Dawn

Oculus parent picks up Lone Echo franchise studio to work on VR content

Is "creative ADD" the key to avoiding burnout?

Ready at Dawn's Ru Weerasuriya on why his studio has mostly avoided sequels, the rise of VR and eSports, and the demise of portables

"I'm doing this because I'm a gamer"

Ready at Dawn's Ru Weerasuriya says he puts fun and creativity above profit; he talks to us about VR and his new co-op melee game De-formers

Blizzard's Paul Sams joins Ready at Dawn as new CEO

Industry veteran to oversee business and new publishing arm based in Texas

Survival of the AAA indies

Randy Pitchford and Ru Weerasuriya discuss the ups, downs and future of AAA independent development

Critical Consensus: Little love for The Order: 1886

Sony's new IP for PS4 squanders gorgeous visuals and interesting setting with uninspired gameplay

GameStop exploiting devs and consumers, says Ready at Dawn boss

Ru Weerasuriya on fighting back against used games, and why he's launching The Order 1886 exclusively on PS4

Sony helping to unify console biz, says Ready at Dawn boss

Ru Weerasuriya tells us all consoles now will have to be more open; he also stresses team, not the game, as "the ultimate goal"

PlayStation Vita God of War idea was "floated" by Ready at Dawn

The studio shares its love of the Vita with us and talks all about preparing for next-gen gaming

Ready at Dawn: PSP piracy "hurts a lot of developers"

Handheld game-copying is worse than on PC, says God of War dev

Ready At Dawn trims studio headcount

Independent developer loses 13 staff as company workload slows between projects

Ready At Dawn to launch dev platform

Engine will integrate Autodesk's Maya software for real-time development previewing

Ready at Dawn enters engine business

Chains of Olympus developer to sell PS3, Xbox 360, PSP technology

Ready at Dawn officially finished with PSP development

Developer behind highest-rated PSP title sends devkits back, moves to new formats

PSP's Daxter has sold 2 million copies

Ready At Dawn, developer of the upcoming God of War: Chains of Olympus for PSP, has announced that its Daxter game has sold 2 million copies

Naughty Dog creative director quits to join Ready at Dawn

After nearly a decade at Naughty Dog creative director Dan Arey is leaving the company to join Ready at Dawn, can reveal.

Sony's success won't depend on MS or Nintendo, says RAD boss

Ready At Dawn president Didier Malenfant has told that Sony's performance in the next-gen console market will be determined by the actions of the company itself, not those of its rivals.

Dawn Chorus

Ready At Dawn's Didier Malenfant on why the studio is sticking with PSP.

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