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Pixel Toaster Studios came to life in late months of 2008. It embodied the hopes and dreams of four experienced Romanian game developers and was seen as an immediate solution to their need of creating games that are appreciated due to the content and not the cover. We are proud to say, to promise even, that over time, regardless of what happens, this basic idea will never change and will constantly drive us forward.

The actual name (Pixel Toaster Studios) was brainstormed sometime in the middle of 2009 when we could no longer ignore the need of an identity, especially since our first project was taking shape and we wanted to show it to the world and thus a website was becoming a necessity. By that time our team had already suffered a few changes and had substantially grown as we have discovered that our endeavors echo in the minds of other local game developers. We can only hope that over time more and more people will join us in the attempt of creating extraordinary games, in proving that video games are indeed an art form and that we can replace huge budgets with talent and commitment.

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