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People Can Fly regains its independence

Ownership of the Polish studio has been returned from Epic Games to local leadership

People Can Fly renamed Epic Poland

Gears of War: Judgment developer changes name to "better reflect" its role in global company

Epic Games buys Bulletstorm dev People Can Fly

Epic now owns the Polish developer outright

Creative director, artists, exit People Can Fly

Epic Games president confirms departure of Adrian Chmielarz, Andrzej Poznanski and Michal Kosieradzki

Gears designer says Kinect potential "not fully realized"

Gears of War: Judgment won't support Kinect, says Bleszinski

Gears of War Judgment has Pixar input

Celebrated movie studio offered workshop to Epic team on storytelling

Gears of War to see People Can Fly involvement, confirms Epic

The team behind BulletStorm will be working on the new Gears of War project

EA defends Bulletstorm from Fox pundit allegations

Publisher "stands by the ESRB" as writer accuses game of encouraging sex crime

Bulletstorm promo game downloaded 1.25m times

Epic's 'Duty Calls' spoof game lampoons Activision

EA unveils deals with Epic and Grasshopper

Publisher will release a new horror game from Goichi Suda and an action game from Polish studio People Can Fly

Epic acquires majority stake in People Can Fly

Epic Games has announced that it has acquired a majority interest in Poland-based developer People Can Fly

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