Massive Black, Inc.

Massive Black is the proven leader in art production for game development... We've worked with over 160 different game dev clients on more than 240 projects to date. Clients include Sony, Microsoft, Eidos, EA, id, 2k Games, Bethesda, Blizzard and more...

List of services:

(2D) Concept Design, Look Development,
Graphic Design,
Marketing Materials, - Box Art, Cover Art, Marketing Design for advertising, Logo Development

(3D Asset Production)

3D Modeling/UV weighting/Normal Mapping/Texturing (for in-game, cinematics, and marketing),
Animation (hand keyed),
Marketing Materials - Design, develop and render for cover art, advertising, box art, marketing materials,


I.P. Development
Greenlight Pitch Package Development (36 of 41 pitches sold to publishers),

All art production, up to full co-development model... and we're strongly considering adding art production pipeline consulting.

Massive Black, Inc.

  • 842 Folsom Street
  • San Francisco, CA
  • 94107
  • United States

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