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We're proud to announce that the veteran designer will be kicking off a monthly column

Spector: I know we polarised people

Warren Spector's eulogy for Junction Point

Spector: Make "believeable characters" not "believable guns"

Disney's creative director challenges developers to do more with technology

More Disney, Junction Point staff axed - report

Epic Mickey team latest to suffer as Disney shifts to digital

Critical Consensus: Epic Mickey

What do reviewers make of Warren Spector's Mickey Mouse game?

Disney to invest less in console games

Pleasants charged with making games business profitable

Spector's fears for US violent game ruling

Epic Mickey dev concerned games might be denied first amendment protection

Warren Spector to keynote GDC Europe

Industry luminary to discuss what games can learn from other media

Spector plans spirtual successor to Deus Ex

Eidos refused to sell him game rights, but "there are still Deus Ex stories I would like to tell," says game's creator

Spector's Disney project likely to be 'Epic Mickey'

Online reports detail Wii title from Junction Point Studios

Spector: We need to drive down game prices

Industry has created barrier to entry by over-charging consumers, says Junction Point boss

Spector confirms Pixar collaboration

Junction Point Studios team working with Toy Story, Wall-E creators

Spector: "100-hour games are on the way out"

Developer predicts changes to games design and issues call for creativity in all areas

Disney swoops for Spector's Junction Point Studios

Disney Interactive has acquired Warren Spector's Junction Point Studios.

Shock to the System

Part two of our interview with Junction Point boss Warren Spector.

What Warren Did Next

Junction Point's president on hating the ether and life after Deus Ex.

Junction Point Vivendi signing "untrue"

Warren Spector has scotched reports that Vivendi has signed one of several secret Junction Point games, saying he's "unclear" why the story emerged and to expect a "big announcement sometime soon."

GDC: Warren Spector returns "to shake things up"

Austin, Texas based Junction Point Studios is already hard at work on a fantasy game, the Deus Ex developer reveals at the GDC, but he's not ready to reveal all just yet.


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