GlobaLoc GmbH

GlobaLoc is a full localization service provider that is specialized in the intercultural adaptation of computer and video games in consideration of all aspects of the target language (technical language, colloquial language, semantics and stylistics).

The GlobaLoc team originated in the gaming industry, and has long-standing experience working for both publishers and localization service providers. The founders of GlobaLoc worked together for 5 years in the localization department of Electronic Arts, one of the largest game publishers in the world. There, they worked on localizing some of the world's most popular and successful IPs.

No matter what type of localization is needed, we know exactly the market and its high quality standards. Therefore we can handle all publisher and developer requests and provide cost-efficient solutions.

Translation, Audio Production, Quality Assurance, Graphics & Design, Project Management

Office details

  • Storkower Straße 158
  • Berlin
  • 10407
  • Germany

Contact details

  • Phone +49 (0) 170 96 26 591
  • Fax +49 (0) 30 428 075 789
  • Contact Horst Baumann
  • Email
  • Website


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