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Far Vista has programmed and provided art and games for several recognizable and large North American entertainment companies including Microsoft, MyDreamFlyer, Dreamcatcher, and Silverline.

Far Vista staff has worked with many notable game developers such as Ubisoft, Mad Doc, EA Games, and numerous other studios throughout North America and Europe.

Located in the city of Saskatoon, Far Vista has access to a highly educated yet cost effective labor force with one of the highest efficiency ratings in the world. The highly rated Computer Science program at the University of Saskatchewan is a ready source of programmers while New Media Campus, a private College, produces graphic artists readily snapped up by Far Vista as well as Ubisoft, Mad Doc and EA Games.

Far Vista experienced management team is lead by its CEO, Mr. Richard Buckley, with Mr. David Callele as the Executive VP of Programming and Mr. Bruce Hoggard Executive VP for International Development, Corporate Relations and Business Systems. These three (3) senior management individuals, plus support staff, designers, artists, and programmers provide a high level of professionalism in research and development, design, artistic creation, production, marketing and management experience and expertise.

Corporate Offices

  • Canada

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  • Phone 1 306 374 6747
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