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Trump administration reportedly questions Epic, Riot about Tencent investment

Both companies said to have received letters from Committee on Foreign Investment in the US following executive order against WeChat

Apple presses court to deny Epic's request for lift on Fortnite ban

iPhone maker reiterates argument that this situation is of Epic's own making, says Fortnite firm is "a saboteur, not a martyr"

Apple goes on offensive in Epic Games lawsuit

Update: Apple's official login system will work with Fortnite "indefinitely" but users are encouraged to update Epic accounts

Google requests court not connect it to Apple vs Epic

Firm says it has yet to be officially served a complaint, but will challenge "based on circumstances unique to Android"

Epic Games wants court order to reinstate Fortnite on iOS

Unreal firm files another preliminary injunction to "stop Apple from retaliating" during antitrust case

Apple terminates Epic's developer account as promised

However, Unreal Engine on iOS remains unaffected thanks to restraining order

Epic wins restraining order against Apple but Fortnite remains blocked

Judge says Epic has yet to demonstrate antitrust, but agrees that "serious questions do exist"

Apple opposes Epic's restraining order, says dispute is "completely avoidable"

iPhone maker claims damage to Fortnite and Unreal is self-inflicted, says Epic has not proved Apple is a monopoly

Microsoft files statement supporting Epic Games against Apple

Xbox firm says Unreal Engine is "critical technology" and blocking it on iOS "will harm game creators and gamers"

Epic Games turns Apple dispute into Fortnite event

Upcoming #FreeFortnite Cup will feature anti-Apple prizes as iOS users prepare to be blocked from updates

Apple terminating Epic developer accounts, tools access

UPDATE: iPhone maker responds to restraining order, says App Store ban is a "problem Epic has created for itself"

Epic is doing the right thing the wrong way | Podcast

Latest episode available to download now, also discusses impact of Halo Infinite delay

Florida landmark Coral Castle suing Epic Games

Company behind the tourist attraction demands damages and removal of in-game castle

Epic's Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite video is an irresponsible piece of corporate propaganda | Opinion

Fortnite's operator is fully prepared to weaponize its young audience of millions for its own monetary gain

Fortnite has also been kicked off of Google Play

Update: And, as with Apple, Epic Games is now also suing Google for anti-competitive practices

Fortnite removed from App Store after it dodges Apple's rule on direct payments

Update: Epic Games has filed a legal complaint against Apple, taking the fight over the 30% cut to US courts

Epic Games is now worth $17.3bn following latest funding round

Fortnite firm raised $1.78 billion, including Sony's $250 million investment

Epic Games Store adds modding support

MechWarrior 5 is the first title to beta test new feature

Tim Sweeney: Apple has "gone crazy" over rev share approach

"Apple has no right to take any percent of any company's revenue just because they made the phone people use to access the stuff," says Epic Games founder

Epic has awarded devs $42m under its MegaGrants program

The $100m fund launched in March 2019, has provided support for more than 600 recipients

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