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Digital Legends Entertainment (DLE) is Barcelona’s international award-winning games studio, that develops best-in-class games for mobile and handheld platforms, powered by in-house cutting-edge technology. It was founded video industry veterans which were key members of the Severance/Blade the Edge of Darkness video game developed on PC. The studio team members have collectively released over 10 million units on current generation platforms.

DLE video games are distinguished worldwide through the quality of in-house cutting-edge 3D and connectivity technologies, design expertise and game development processes.

DLE´s track record includes the distinction of becoming a First Party Developer for Nokia since 2004, and nominations from as “Best E3 Mobile Game” and from the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences´ “Best Cell Game of the Year”.
Also has been winner of “Excellence in 3D” by International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA) in 2007 and includes other nominations for “Best Mobile Game” and “Best Technology”, “Best Developer Company” by Mobile Entertainment Industry Awards in 2008 and “Best Gameplay” nominee by IMGA in 2009.

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Digital Legends Entertainment - Barcelona

  • Calle Aribau 112 5º 1ª
  • Barcelona
  • 08036
  • Spain

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