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Deadline Games is an independent games-developer based in Copenhagen. Our aim is to keep creating highly original titles and to shape the future of global interactive entertainment.

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Deadline Games files for bankruptcy

Watchmen developer fails to find new work following movie title

Warner, Deadline Games team for Watchmen titles

Two games in the works to coincide with movie and DVD release next year

Deadline reveals new next-gen shooter

Deadline Games has revealed brand new shooter Faith and a .45, due for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Invest in outsourcing, don't exploit it, says Deadline boss

Deadline Games' CEO Chris Mottes believes that developers and publishers have a duty to invest in and support outsourcing companies, rather than taking advantage of cheap labour for quick rewards.

Hitting the Deadline

Chris Mottes talks to GamesIndustry about his company's view of outsourcing, and why he thinks our industry needs to address its moral obligations.

Deadline and Eidos to develop Hanna-Barbera games

Deadline Games A/S announced that it has concluded a three-year deal with Eidos that includes ten titles based upon Hanna-Barbera characters licensed from WBIE

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