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Perfect World acquires Cryptic Studios for $50 million

Chinese operator picks up Star Trek Online and City of Heroes developer for Western expansion

Atari drops Cryptic Studios

Star Trek Online developer listed as "discontinued operations"

Ex-Cryptic boss joins Gazillion as CEO

Needham joins rival MMO outfit days after leaving Atari firm

Emmert takes over Cryptic as CEO moves on

Needham exploring other industry roles

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Bill Roper leaves Cryptic

Former Blizzard director and Flagship Studios CEO keen for "new opportunities"

Star Trek Online dropped for consoles

Cryptic Studios puts console support for MMOs on "back burner"

Cryptic abandons Champions Online for consoles

MMO makers talks of "100%" focus on PC products as 360 version dropped

Cryptic's Champions Online delayed to September

New MMO delayed from original July release date over quality concerns

Roper wards off WAR subscription critics

Champion's Online developer defends Mythic's MMO, saying that many games would "love" 300,000 subscribers

Atari acquires Cryptic Studios

Publisher enters the MMO space, with 3 titles planned by the end of 2011

Cryptic Studios appoints Bill Roper as design director

Former Flagship founder to work on Champions Online

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