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Avalanche takes over $10M in funding from Nordisk film

Just Cause studio looking to accelerate growth with cash injection

Stick to your guns, says Avalanche co-founder

Christofer Sundberg eschews trend-chasing, stresses importance of maintaining focus at a studio

Avalanche Studios cuts staff in New York and Stockholm

Around 24 jobs were lost as independent studio wound up development of Mad Max and Just Cause 3

Pim Holfve appointed as Avalanche's first ever CEO

VP of Business Development steps up with impressive track record

Avalanche moves to larger studio

Mad Max developer signs five-year lease on new location for Stockholm headquarters

Avalanche founder: AAA business is unhealthy

Christofer Sundberg thinks games are stuck in a rut

Avalanche Studios: Traded games are "too short"

Sundberg adds to the used games debate

Avalanche defends Xbox One reveal

Christofer Sundberg backs Microsoft's strategy for the new machine

Wii U dev kits "just collected dust" at Avalanche Studios

The system's slow start and small installed base seems to be driving more and more developers away

Avalanche: We don't need 40 first-person shooters

Stefan Ljungqvist on the why fewer AAA games isn't a disaster for the industry

Just Cause 2 developer criticizes DLC and forced multiplayer in games

Avalanche studio head believes DLC and monetization strategies are ruining game creation

Successful recruitment drive for Avalanche New York

Former Bioware, Insomniac, Sucker Punch and Volition staff join Just Cause dev

Avalanche Studios predicts new hardware by 2014

David Grijns sets date for the start of the next generation

Avalanche opens New York Studio

Just Cause creator establishes new studio focused on developing original IP for the next gen

Force of Nature

Avalanche Studios' Christofer Sundberg on the creation of a new world and the reinforcement of an existing one

Avalanche opens new online studio

Expansive Worlds to oversee The Hunter and other online titles

Avalanche secures rights to The Hunter

Originally developed with Emote, game now comes under full control of Just Cause dev

Just Cause dev Avalanche to lay off more staff

Developer serves notice to 20 employees, but reveals third project in production alongside Just Cause 2 and The Hunter

Avalanche prepares to lay off 77 staff

Swedish developer loses two publishing contracts this year worth $34 million, but Just Cause sequel unaffected

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