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Future iOS updates could end support for 32-bit apps

Fresh warnings in last iPhone and iPad update

Report: Apple working on 'improving' App Store search

Google style paid-for result priority could be on the way

Apple opposes FBI order to build iOS "backdoor"

Manufacturer says move would "undermine...freedoms and liberty"

Apple sells another 48m iPhones in Q4

"Record fourth quarter sales of iPhone" helped push net income to $11.1 billion

Research firm says iOS 9 adoption rates running around 45%

deltaDNA says newer devices more likely to switch, but many people cautious

One to Watch?

Graham McAllister explores the potential gaming applications of Apple's latest device

iPhone smashes street expectations with 74.5m sold over holidays

Apple's iPhone business had an incredible quarter, as the company's profit swelled to a record $18 billion

iPhone up, iPad down as Apple sees Q4 sales rise 12%

The iPhone 6 has been a big boost for Apple, but the company had another miss with iPad

iPhone 6 sells record 10 million in opening weekend

Apple sets new record for its popular smartphone as sales exceeded the company's expectations

Google said to be developing game console

Android-powered console to battle expected Apple TV-based game console

Apple sells 37 million iPhones but profits dip in Q1

The company also sold 19.5 million iPads in the quarter, but gross margins fell

Apple removes Sweatshop HD from App Store

Littleloud claims Apple was "uncomfortable" with sweatshop theme

Apple proposes compensation for children's IAPs in US

Users could claim for any purchases made by children without consent

iPad under threat from 7-inch tablets

The iPad Mini and Nexus 7 are eroding the iPad's market share

Apple's Q1 sets records, but stock drops

Record revenue over $54 billion, over 75 million iOS devices sold

iPad Mini and iPhone 5 coming to China in December

Apple has announced a Chinese release date for its latest

Tablet Wars and The Future of a Mass Market Games Platform

Supercell, ngmoco, Bolt, Playfirst, Rumble and more explore the future of the fast-growing tablet market

Apple reveals management shakeup

Apple's iOS and retail leaders leaving company

iPad Mini: Developers unfazed by pricing look towards tablet dominance

Dev community encouraged by new hardware and continued evolution of tablet tech

iPhone 5 hit by supply issues

The aluminum case for Apple's newest phone is slowing down the production line


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