Uncooked Media

  • Magazine ABCs show a games press in decline

    But Moshi Monsters magazine on the rise, hitting 163,000 readers

    By Rachel Weber

  • PlayStation magazines suffer circulation slump

    PlayStation, PC and multiformat magazines in the UK have once again posted declining circulation figures, although the performance of a handful of Xbox 360 titles have managed to grow for the six months ended June 30, 2007.

    By Matt Martin

  • Further decline for print mags

    The latest figures from ABC have revealed that gaming magazines appear to be in a continuing decline, with only a few bright spots as readership of most Future and Imagine titles falls once again.

    By Ellie Gibson

  • Official titles suffer as games magazine sales continue to decline

    Once again there are indications that the UK games magazine sector is in a continuing decline, as the latest ABC figures reveal that it's now the turn of the official mags to face a hefty drop in readership.

    By Ellie Gibson