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8th July 2021

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Rob Fahey, Contributing Editor

Rob Fahey is a former editor of who spent several years living in Japan and probably still has a mint condition Dreamcast Samba de Amigo set.

Recent articles by Rob Fahey

Sony's cross-play deal seems a smart solution to a complex problem | Opinion

The royalty Sony and Epic agreed to open up cross-play on PlayStation has caused anger - but it's a nuanced response to the growing complexity of the industry's revenue models

By Rob Fahey

Sony's plan to compete with Xbox: Stay the course | Opinion

Increasing its investment in first-party studios is Sony's first clear response to the Zenimax acquisition, significantly doubling down on its own IP and its first-party exclusives

By Rob Fahey

Online E3 has a hell of a lot to prove | Opinion

After last year's cancellation, the industry's former tentpole event is back in online-only format - and the tough questions about its value and relevance aren't getting any easier

By Rob Fahey

Tim Sweeney is right - Epic losses on its Game Store are a good investment | Opinion

The company's crusade against Apple may look increasingly quixotic, but its spending on creating a serious competitor to Steam is rational and justified

By Rob Fahey

Could Apple and Google pull the plug on mobile game monetisation? | Opinion

As consumer and governmental pressure mounts over loot boxes, services like Apple Arcade indicate a desire by platform holders to move away from the monetisation free-for-all

By Rob Fahey

The AR hype is building - but success may be years away | Opinion

Rumours of AR product launches from Apple, Niantic and Snap are fuelling belief that a tech revolution is on the way, but enormous problems remain to be solved

By Rob Fahey

Sony has a responsibility to preserve its gaming history | Opinion

As the shutdown of legacy storefronts looms, Sony's disinterest in preserving earlier generations of PlayStation software threatens to hollow out the medium

By Rob Fahey

Super Nintendo World is a milestone for gaming | Opinion

The world's first theme park based on a video game opens in Osaka, and it signals a major strategic shift for Nintendo

By Rob Fahey

GameStop's meme stock rallies don't fix its decline | Opinion

GameStop's stock market drama masks the fact that the realities of being a physical retailer in a digital market haven't changed

By Rob Fahey

Three months in, Game Pass is Microsoft's ace in the hole | Opinion

Xbox 360 all over again? The advantage Microsoft's online services afford it over Sony's confusing PS Plus are becoming more and more clear

By Rob Fahey

Sony's VR commitment must be about software, not hardware | Opinion

Will Sony's interest in VR go far enough for the company to commit its most treasured IPs to the medium?

By Rob Fahey

Microsoft's accessibility guidelines are a great start -- but we can go further | Opinion

Video games should be open to everyone, allowing people to adjust experiences to suit their abilities must become the default

By Rob Fahey

Dreams of easy money create a risk of tough acquisitions | Opinion

As frothy valuations and predatory firms drive a wave of acquisitions, serious questions need to be asked about the chimeras being created

By Rob Fahey

Google's shutdowns relegate streaming to "gaming of the gaps" | Opinion

If cloud streaming is just a new distribution option, not an enabler of revolutionary new games, it will never fulfill its promise

By Rob Fahey

How can Xbox encourage consumers to 'swim upstream'? | Opinion

Microsoft's new consoles are off to a strong start - but converting its standard Live users to higher-revenue Game Pass subscribers remains a thorny challenge

By Rob Fahey

Developers should be wary of the IPO's siren call | Opinion

As CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk woes turn legal, developers with an eye on the stock market should think carefully about doing business under that level of scrutiny

By Rob Fahey

The triumph of mobile core games heralds a demographic shift | Opinion

With teens and young adults increasingly choosing mobile for its gaming, PCs and consoles must grow their appeal with older demographics

By Rob Fahey

Forget power fantasies: pandemic-era players crave companionship | Opinion

Games that provide relaxed, social experiences have always had appeal -- their newfound importance will be a lasting effect of the pandemic

By Rob Fahey

2020: Games boomed, but the industry was treading water | Opinion

The impact of the pandemic was less severe than many feared, and new consoles launched on schedule -- but there are plenty of open questions for 2021

By Rob Fahey

Cyberpunk 2077 launches with some real dystopia in tow | Opinion

Nobody should be pleased that CD Projekt Red's most notable innovation is pushing consumers to buy its new game entirely sight unseen

By Rob Fahey

Did Genshin Impact swipe an opportunity from under Nintendo's nose? | Opinion

MiHoYo's Breath of the Wild inspired game is a bona fide hit -- but Nintendo may have good reason to steer clear of this market

By Rob Fahey

Remote work is here to stay -- but it won't be cheap or easy

Square Enix shifting to permanent remote work makes the transition seem inevitable, but it needs to be embraced for the right reasons

By Rob Fahey

The $70 AAA price point -- it's about time | Opinion

No consumer is going to be enthused about a price rise, but 15 years of $60 has done no favours to either gamers or creators

By Rob Fahey

The challenge and promise of DualSense | Opinion

PlayStation 5's advanced haptic system is arguably the most interesting innovation of the new generation, but it creates a tricky marketing conundrum

By Rob Fahey

The last great console leap? | Opinion

Microsoft and Sony have different strategies, but they're both launching consoles that feel less like a “clean break” with the past generation

By Rob Fahey

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