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Vic Bassey,

Recent articles by Vic Bassey

What does 2021 hold for the African games industry?

Games Industry Africa's Vic Bassey lays out five trends in the continent to keep in eye on this year

By Vic Bassey

Carry1st and LudiqueWorks fostering an African publisher landscape

Upstart outfits taking different approaches to building out the African games industry infrastructure

By Vic Bassey

Allan Cudicio playing to the beat of his own drum

How Twin Drums is creating an Afrofantasy MMO to dismantle fantasy, professional and industry norms

By Vic Bassey

The Great Divide: A look at Africa's very different dev scenes

Creators discuss what separates the continent's South and North from its East and West, and what unifies them

By Vic Bassey

2020 African Games Industry Trends

Games Industry Africa's Vic Bassey forecasts seven key storylines for the continent's developing market in the year ahead

By Vic Bassey

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