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Should streamers be worried about DMCA strikes on Twitch?

A rash of copyright claims from music labels points to difficult times ahead for video game streamers

By Mat Ombler

Are video games the future of live music?

Travis Scott's concert in Fortnite grabbed the headlines, and suggested a way forward for a music industry hit hard by COVID-19

By Mat Ombler

Are bootleg game soundtracks damaging the industry?

The popularity of video game music clashes with its lack of availability in physical formats -- we examine both sides of this complex issue

By Mat Ombler

Six ways video game composers are missing out on money

Video game music is more accessible than ever before, but a lack of business knowledge among composers means money is being left on the table

By Mat Ombler

How does the games industry solve its problem with music licensing?

Developers risk having their games removed from sale due to expired licenses -- experts from music and games weigh in on the problem

By Mat Ombler

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