Kim Belair, Script writer

Kim Belair is a scriptwriter at Ubisoft, the co-author of "Pure Steele", and the co-host of the weekly podcast, "The Sexiest Podcast". When she isn't writing, Kim can be found playing video games, collecting (non-human) skulls, and looking at her phone. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @Bagelofdeath.

Recent articles by Kim Belair

Now you see me: Representation as innovation

Broader representation of gender, race and sexuality can lead to new stories, says Kim Belair, and new stories can enlighten and excite

By Kim Belair

Small Stories, Big Games

Could we be making better games if we weren't so concerned with front-loading our stories with the highest possible stakes?

By Kim Belair

A Limited History of Castle Infinity

A love letter to a lost digital childhood from Kim Belair

By Kim Belair

Imagination Vs. Immersion

Kim Belair on the shift from playing 'with' to playing 'as'

By Kim Belair

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