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Press Replay: Rune Dittmer of Flashbulb Games

Rebooting a Danish indie development darling from scratch

By George Osborn

Small Giant Games: The Importance of Efficiency

Why a ten man company is going toe to toe with Game of War

By George Osborn

How Cooperative Innovations is remaking social interaction in VR multiplayer games

Or, why The Simpsons is no longer the best guide for overcoming social problems in VR

By George Osborn

A Gambitious Proposal?

Paul Hanraets of Gambitious discusses why indies miss out on investment, crowdfunding concerns and the company's future plans

By George Osborn

Blockbusters, Board Games and Billion Dollar Industries

Luke Crane, Head of Games at Kickstarter, discusses the state of play and future of the crowd funding platform

By George Osborn

From the archives: Brexit to Desktop?

What the UK industry was saying about leaving the EU before it actually happened

By George Osborn

A New Dawn

Pete Samuels of Supermassive Games explains why the company is going multiplatform

By George Osborn

Wargaming Labs: What is it good for?

Wargaming is experimenting through its in-house innovation platform, but which direction will WG Labs take from here?

By George Osborn

The View From the Tower

Why Cambridge graduates struggle to get into the games industry

By George Osborn

Irish game development poised to break out

David McGovern, Brenda Romero and other devs on why Ireland's games industry may finally come into its own

By George Osborn

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