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Recent articles by Patrick Walker

Super Mario Run's missed opportunity

EEDAR details why a juggernaut brand is just the first step to breakout mobile success

By Patrick Walker

There is a formula to Pokemon Go's Success, but it's not AR

Patrick Walker, EEDAR VP of Insights, looks at the implications of Pokemon Go's success for mobile and AR gaming

By Patrick Walker

EA dominates E3 Twitch streaming - EEDAR

The EA Play schedule paid off, factoring in consumers and global markets, says EEDAR VP of Insights, Patrick Walker

By Patrick Walker

Clash Royale: Is Supercell shooting itself in the foot?

Patrick Walker, EEDAR's VP of Insights, argues that the game's success may cannibalize Clash of Clans and be bad news for Supercell in the long run

By Patrick Walker

Steam Early Access is hitting its stride - EEDAR

Percentage of Early Access titles reaching full release improving as the program hits its three-year anniversary, says Patrick Walker

By Patrick Walker

The Cost of VR: a Consumer Response

Eedar's Patrick Walker analyses the public's reaction to VR hardware

By Patrick Walker

How Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is still dominating Steam

EEDAR VP of Insights Patrick Walker on why CS:GO is the epitome of games as a service done the right way

By Patrick Walker

Core console software sales are higher than ever - EEDAR

Living room gaming experience not going away any time soon, says EEDAR VP of Insights Patrick Walker

By Patrick Walker

Twitch analysis shows E3 schedule not maximizing viewership - EEDAR

Patrick Walker, EEDAR's VP of Insights and Analytics, examines the spikes in concurrent viewers

By Patrick Walker

eSports an advertising goldmine

EEDAR finds that eSports viewers spend significantly more on hardware and software than the average gamer

By Patrick Walker

Dota 2 impresses with super engaged player base - EEDAR

As Dota 2 tops 40m players worldwide, the game still sees 25% of owners that average over 750 hours of gameplay

By Patrick Walker

Twitch rankings: 5 key takeaways for the industry

EEDAR's Patrick Walker reveals the Twitch secrets every dev should know

By Patrick Walker

The data is in and your review score still matters - EEDAR

"But the 80s might be the new 90s," says Patrick Walker, EEDAR's Head of Insights and Analytics

By Patrick Walker

Premium mobile games have yet to find breakout success - EEDAR

Patrick Walker, EEDAR's Head of Insights and Analytics ,takes a look at how premium priced mobile games are faring

By Patrick Walker

Early Access popularity growing, but only 25% have released as a full game

Patrick Walker, EEDAR Head of Insights and Analytics, examines the risk and reward of Steam's Early Access program

By Patrick Walker

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