Warren Spector,

Warren Spector is a veteran game designer best known for his work on System Shock and Deus Ex.

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Suikoden changed my life - Warren Spector

Why I Love: The System Shock 3 creative director generally doesn't go for JRPGs, but this PSone classic set itself apart in four special ways

By Warren Spector

Spector: Industry must recognize both good and bad effects of games

Warren Spector talks about the not so clear cut issue of media effects, and reveals he's about to start a new job

By Warren Spector

Warren Spector's Commandments of Game Design

The veteran looks at his old list of rules for Deus Ex and asks if there's a set of rules games can all adhere to

By Warren Spector

Holodeck: Holy Grail or Hollow Promise? Part 2

Warren Spector continues his column on why a Holodeck probably won't work for the games industry

By Warren Spector

Holodeck: Holy Grail or Hollow Promise? Part 1

Warren Spector isn't so sure the industry will be able to create a holodeck gaming experience that's actually fun

By Warren Spector

Warren Spector: Where's Gaming's Roger Ebert?

In his latest column, Spector argues that the industry will be legitimized if mainstream publications can offer regular critical analysis of games

By Warren Spector

Warren's Mailbag: Publishers using Metacritic as a "weapon"

Warren Spector answers your questions about the problems with the reviews aggregation site and the industry's reliance on a flawed system

By Warren Spector

Defining Success: Why Metacritic Should Be Irrelevant

Warren Spector tackles the thorny issue of Metacritic's impact on the industry in his second exclusive column for GamesIndustry International

By Warren Spector

Warren's Mailbag: Games are still niche, too expensive

Thanks to the overwhelming response to Warren Spector's column, the veteran designer is replying to some of your most interesting comments

By Warren Spector

Where Are Gaming's Role Models?

In his first exclusive column for GamesIndustry, Warren Spector ponders why game designers aren't making games of real significance

By Warren Spector

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