Twitch and Facebook Gaming viewership stops months-long slide

StreamElements sees month-over-month gains in hours watched on both streaming services for May

StreamElements today reported its May State of the Stream report with, saying Twitch and Facebook Gaming snapped months-long slides in hours watched.

The gains were modest -- less than 2% in Twitch's case and 4% in Facebook Gaming's -- but they were the first growth either service had seen this year, "possibly signaling a new baseline for the current less socially restrictive stage of the pandemic," according to StreamElements.

Twitch posted 1.81 billion hours watched, while Facebook Gaming managed 350 million hours watched.

Both services were down significantly year-over-year, with Twitch seeing 2.2 billion hours watched in May 2021 and Facebook Gaming topping 400 million hours watched.

As for what people were streaming, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Dota 2 all saw double-digit percentage increases month-over-month.

Elden Ring dropped out of the top 10 after a three-month run, replaced by slot machine streams, which StreamElements described as "a huge meta on Twitch."

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