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Phantom console was "ahead of its time"

6 years ago Former Infinium Labs boss Kevin Bachus says release was "tantalisingly close"

Ensemble involved in Halo Wars' future

7 years ago Microsoft Game Studios "very excited" about series potential

Wii Fit to get Body Check Channel in Japan

7 years ago Panasonic, Hitachi and NEC all teaming with Nintendo to gather player data

1 Nintendo responds to GameCube-Wii title pricing

7 years ago Wii manufacturer estimates likely price point to be 29.99, not 39.99

1 Hirai: "We continue official leadership in this industry"

7 years ago Sony boss says sales numbers and installed base isn't relevant as "we operate in our world"

Valve: Pirates are "under-served customers"

7 years ago Day and date releases across multiple regions is key to fighting piracy, says Holtman

Home is outdated, says Microsoft exec

7 years ago "It feels like 2005 tech in 2008," comments Aaron Greenberg

EA founder questions PS Home goals

7 years ago Sony risks losing out on mass market to Nintendo and Microsoft, says Trip Hawkins

Sony quiet on leaked PS3 price cut rumours

7 years ago Report suggests PS3 price to become "more competitive" in March 2009, LBP for PSP also rumoured again.

5 Fans rage at anti-MadWorld campaign

7 years ago Mediawatch-UK receives "hostile emails" after calling for a ban on Sega Wii game

2 Sierra games cut for not exhibiting "potential to be exploited", says Kotick

7 years ago Plans to offer Guitar Hero user-generated content on "subscription basis" also hinted at

E for All consumer show scrapped

7 years ago IDG moves to back the resurgent E3 instead

Primetime will miss New Xbox Experience launch

7 years ago Early estimates put the feature as a spring 2009 release

Profit not crucial for success, says Key To Play

7 years ago Upcoming online portal talks of quality as number one priority

Sony casts doubt on UK PSP-3000 bundles

7 years ago Reeves revelations could be for the rest of Europe only

PSP-3000 gets UK date, price

7 years ago Brighter screen and in-built microphone for 150

No Microsoft conference at Leipzig

7 years ago Sony is the only company to put on a stage show at GC for the second year running

MotionPlus tech not exclusive to Nintendo

7 years ago Maker says there's "more interest out there"

3 Blue Omega: Games need to adopt a film-style business model

7 years ago "Tons and tons of money just being thrown away," says lead designer

Nintendo dismisses widescreen DS claims

Rumour 7 years ago Hardware revision rumours mount ahead of next week's E3 show

Treyarch apologises for slating Brothers in Arms

7 years ago The studio distanced itself from comments made by an Activision rep who described the latest title as "a crappy war game"

LucasArts: No new titles at E3

7 years ago "Too much noise surrounding the show," says company spokesperson - UPDATED

Metal Gear Solid 4 smashes Japanese chart

7 years ago Sells more than 12-times its closest competitor

Spore sees over 250,000 creatures created in a day

7 years ago Maxis thanks community "creativity and passion"

FIFA future "couldn't be brighter," says Moore

7 years ago EA Sports chief buoyant over the performance of NBA, NHL and FIFA franchises