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Dan Pearson joined Eurogamer in 2006 before moving over to GamesIndustry in 2010. He covers all areas of the business and spends much of the rest of his time feeling old and killing dwarves in poorly constructed fortresses. His dog is brilliant.

Twitter: @danbojones

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14 "2015 is going to be our year"

2 months ago Paradox's Fredrik Wester talks doubling revenues, Steam sales and that Sony deal


UK studios become smaller, more numerous

2 months ago TIGA study sees rise of microstudios as small teams become majority

5 Sony wins the war of E3 media coverage

Opinion 2 months ago Research shows PS4 had 50% more articles than Xbox One during E3 week


"Your backers are smart, they've done this before. That's our main advice"

2 months ago Kickstarter's Cindy Au talks funding, fans and the risk of failure


4 Reiner Knizia: "I think people will come back to full-price games"

2 months ago With over 500 games to his name, Knizia is still finding new horizons


2 Watch: Herman Narula of Improbable at GameHorizon

2 months ago Hear a young CEO's vision for gaming's fully simulated future

1 Guillemot: "We knew Watch_Dogs would really polarise people"

2 months ago The Ubisoft CEO on new-gen, reducing feature bleed and growing the industry


9 130 jobs lost in Nintendo of Europe reshuffle

2 months ago Gro▀ostheim office to close as headquarters consolidated to Frankfurt

Game jam announced for Develop in Brighton conference

2 months ago Entrants sought for free, UE4-powered event

13 Mandatory Kinect was a 10% drain on Xbox One's GPU

2 months ago New dev-kits show significant increase in processing after camera's removal


4 Bithell: "You stop looking punk if you used to be in Boyzone"

2 months ago On Twitch, Thomas and why today's indies are tomorrow's corporate execs

Watch_Dogs storms to UK number one

3 months ago Mario Kart 8 takes second place as Wolfenstein slips to third

2 Pirate Bay co-founder arrested in Sweden

3 months ago Peter Sunde re-apprehended after 2 years on the lam


2 "Success buys freedom. It's really just as simple as that"

3 months ago Massive Entertainment's David Polfeldt on Ubisoft, F2P and new technology

1 Save 10% on early bird tickets for Develop 2014

3 months ago GI.Biz discount code applicable until June 4th

Kenwright seeks new horizons with Starship

3 months ago Evolution Studios founder reveals broad remit for new venture

3 Housemarque's Resogun voted GOTY at Nordic Game Awards

3 months ago PS4 launch exclusive takes grand prize at Malmo show

3 Why is the Nordic region so good at making games?

3 months ago Massive CEO David Polfeldt explains all at the Nordic Game Festival


16 Job losses at Rare confirmed by Microsoft

3 months ago MS decides to "change our development process and methodology at Rare"

Copenhagen to host Shayla Games event

3 months ago One day indie event to feature Sony, Unity, Superhot on May 24

GAME to float on the London Stock Exchange

3 months ago Retailer hoping to capitalise on UK and Spanish markets

Phil Harrison to keynote DICE Europe

3 months ago Microsoft's corporate VP to speak in London on September 23

2 Square-Enix revises forecasts upwards in advance of quarterlies

3 months ago Sales of FFXIV push publisher towards profits


1 CodeClub: 30,000 kids and counting

3 months ago MD Laura Kirsop on her mission to teach CSS, HTML and Python to 9-11 year olds


Future Publishing prepares for total restructure, widespread redundancies

4 months ago Company "complicated and inward-looking" says Byng-Maddick