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Dan Pearson joined Eurogamer in 2006 before moving over to GamesIndustry in 2010. He covers all areas of the business and spends much of the rest of his time feeling old and killing dwarves in poorly constructed fortresses. His dog is brilliant.

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2 TIGA and Google publish extensive report on UK games funding

A month ago How to take advantage of tax rebates and investment

4 Sniper Elite 3 retains UK no. 1

A month ago Slow release week sees charts largely static

18 Hackers claim to have penetrated Wii U's defences

A month ago But exploit is already blocked by recent 5.0 firmware update

Koch Media denies 'For Sale' rumours

A month ago Film and game publisher refutes report by German financial press

6 FIFA 14 and UFC demos being charged for on Xbox One

A month ago UPDATE: Errors now fixed, demos free to download once more


Cable appoints Livingstone as Creative Industries Champion

A month ago Business secretary awards veteran position to support UK trade


Chily Fachler joins Green Man Gaming as EVP for Tech

A month ago Retail IT specialist on board to help growth of digital retailer

Submissions open for the Leftfield Collection at EGX London

A month ago Indies invited to apply for September event with 80,000 attendees


1 Twitch - 1 million channels and rising

A month ago "We had to prove that this is more than just watching people, that it's really about engagement"

1 Rebellion revokes "unlicensed or stolen Sniper Elite 3 Steam keys"

A month ago Update: Rebellion lists approved retailers

2 Steam sale draws in new record peak concurrent users

A month ago DOTA 2 still most played as service hits 8m simultaneous gamers


1 Watch: GameHorizon 2014 - Panel: Games For Good

A month ago Jude Ower, Dr. Mick Donegan, James Schall and Ian Hamilton discuss how games can make the world a better place


21 "I was so fed up of people telling us we should do free-to-f***ing-play"

A month ago Devolver's Graeme Struthers celebrates the defeat of the console naysayers


Watch: Eutechnyx' Doug Wolff at GameHorizon

A month ago Gaming technology is on the cutting edge, but how can you sell it to other industries?


4 Bungie COO: We came to Activision with the 10-year plan

A month ago Pete Parsons reveals the past, present and future of the all-important new IP

Surgery forces Iwata to miss Nintendo AGM

A month ago Executive recovering well and is back working through email


14 "2015 is going to be our year"

A month ago Paradox's Fredrik Wester talks doubling revenues, Steam sales and that Sony deal


UK studios become smaller, more numerous

A month ago TIGA study sees rise of microstudios as small teams become majority

5 Sony wins the war of E3 media coverage

Opinion 2 months ago Research shows PS4 had 50% more articles than Xbox One during E3 week


"Your backers are smart, they've done this before. That's our main advice"

2 months ago Kickstarter's Cindy Au talks funding, fans and the risk of failure


4 Reiner Knizia: "I think people will come back to full-price games"

2 months ago With over 500 games to his name, Knizia is still finding new horizons


2 Watch: Herman Narula of Improbable at GameHorizon

2 months ago Hear a young CEO's vision for gaming's fully simulated future

1 Guillemot: "We knew Watch_Dogs would really polarise people"

2 months ago The Ubisoft CEO on new-gen, reducing feature bleed and growing the industry


9 130 jobs lost in Nintendo of Europe reshuffle

2 months ago Gro▀ostheim office to close as headquarters consolidated to Frankfurt

Game jam announced for Develop in Brighton conference

2 months ago Entrants sought for free, UE4-powered event