TIGA and GDAA announce tax lobby plans

The games industry advocacy groups plan to stage joint action against the British and Australian governments

TIGA and the GDAA have announced plans to work more closely together to lobby the British and Australian governments to provide the gaming industry with tax breaks.

Greg Bondar, CEO of the GDAA, an Australian games advocacy group, and Dr Richard Wilson, CEO of TIGA, a British and European advocacy group, are both calling for action from their respective governments.

"Australian and UK game developers can compete successfully against game developers across the globe when market conditions are fair. However, the scales are increasingly tipped against them when the governments of other countries, especially Canada, heavily subsidise their game developers," said the two CEOs in a joint statement.

"With 300-plus companies involved in the videogame industry in Canada, some 56 per cent are now developing proprietary technology due to the funding initiatives of the Canadian government," added Bondar.

This echoes what Wilson previously regarding his belief that the government needs to do more to help the industry.

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