Develop Conference announces new speakers

Relentless, Team 17, Eurogamer and Sony plan new sessions for Brighton event

Organisers of the fifth annual Develop conference in Brighton have announced seven new sessions, including speakers from developers such as Relentless Software and Team 17.

Andrew Eades from Buzz! developer Relentless Software will be hosting a session entitled "The Reality of Making Money from Episodic Games", while Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's Chris Bruce will be discussing "The Lowdown on Downloadable Content" with particular reference to his experiences with SingStar.

John Dennis from Worms creator Team 17 will give a talk entitled "Managing Risk from a Developer's Perspective", while Jason Avent of Pure and Split/Second developer Disney Black Rock Studio will host " Productivity: Make Life Easier for Your Team".

Susan Tunstall and Jon Lee from post production house BTV will give a talk named "An Overview of the Stereo 3D Marketplace", while Johnny Minkley of sister site Eurogamer will discuss " How to Make the Games Media Work for You".

The new speakers join previously confirmed session hosts such as Lionhead's Peter Molyneux, Microsoft's Ben Board, Channel 4's Alice Taylor, SCEE's Garry Taylor and Hand Circus' Simon Oliver.

The conference is due to take place in Brighton from July 13-15. Further information can be found at the official website.

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Just to clarify, I will not be doing a talk entitled "The Reality of Making Money Out Of Episodic Games" or anything as dull as that sounds.
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heh heh:)
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