EA, Sony, Sega back first QA forum

Game QA and Localisation Forum to focus on best practices this June

Electronic Arts, Sega, Sony, Codemasters and more have pledged support for the first Game QA & Localisation forum, taking place June 25-26 in London.

The event will focus on best practices for test plans, QA budgeting and strategy with a mix of keynotes, sessions, panels and workgroups.

"This event is a good opportunity for games QA to put a stake in the ground and show how much it has matured. We've truly become a discipline in our own right," said Chris Rowley, EA's senior director of Certification.

Paradox, Outplay, Ganz, Plarium and Abertay University are also involved with the event. Full details can be found at the official site.

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Private Industry 4 years ago
Sounds like a good idea. Usually you dont hear much about QA and Localization in the public except when people complain about it, but not when things work without a problem although its an important part of game development. :)

The pricing is kind of strange.
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Jesse Penning Content manager, Ganz4 years ago
I liked the idea. I've always wanted there to be more Game Development-centric conferences to happen.

Everyone should come!
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Arran Oakes Head of Production, GamingIQ, IQPC Exchange4 years ago
Great to hear people like the idea - I'm actually helping to organise this meeting so Werner I would be very interested to hear what you mean about the "strange" pricing? Perhaps I can clear something up for you.

We want to listen to feedback and use it to improve both this event and all our future ones!

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Private Industry 4 years ago
You know if it is considered for the future to hold the events at a time thats usually quieter for the industry? :)

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Private on 19th March 2013 12:40am

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