Cohort Studios re-homed in Wales

Staff from Dundee outfit make new start in Caerphilly

Cohort Studios, which closed down in Dundee in April 2011, has resurfaced in Caerphilly, Wales and will publish its first new project later this year.

Assisted by a £25,000 grant from the Welsh Government's Digital Development Fund and Welsh Innovation Centre for Enterprise, Cohort has released the iOS version of the Me Monstar: Hear Me Roar! game it released for PSN whilst still in Dundee, which will be followed by a new free-to-play racing title at the end of March or start of April.

"The growth in mobile and tablet gaming has caused huge disruption, with new ways to play and interact, and most significantly different models for generating revenue," said CEO and founder Darran Thomas. "It's an exciting time to be developing games as an independent studio, with lower barriers to entry, new challenges and opportunities.

"This is partly why I took the decision to relocate to my home country of Wales, where there is increased awareness and focus on the digital economy, especially in terms of support provided to businesses. The Welsh Innovation Centre for Enterprise has helped gain access to like-minded businesses and experts who are helping us adapt to a new era in digital gaming, while development of our new game was supported through the Welsh Government DDF."

Other ex-members of Cohort remained in Scotland, launching Beartrap Games in October last year.

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K. Al-Hurby Producer/Designer 4 years ago
Best of luck guys!

We'll miss those of you who left our little city!
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