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Left 4 Dead series sales top 12 million

Left 4 Dead series sales top 12 million

Tue 02 Oct 2012 3:37pm GMT / 11:37am EDT / 8:37am PDT

Valve credits success of zombie shooter series to "letting people play the game"

The Left 4 Dead franchise has now sold more than 12 million copies, according to Valve's Chet Faliszek. The developer noted the sales figure in a VG247 interview, in response to a question about the company's method for building buzz around its games.

"Telling people a game is great will sell one extra copy," Faliszek said. "Letting people play the game--Left 4 Dead is a good example--is much better. All of our pre-release stuff is designed to just let people play it. We just let the game speak for itself because the Internet has made this thing where, you can't pull the wool over people's eyes any more. They're going to know you're hyping. But when a game does really well at pre-release, they're going to know that you're not just talking a bunch of PR crap. I mean, the Left 4 Dead series has now sold over 12 million copies."

Left 4 Dead debuted in 2008 on the Xbox 360 and PC. It was followed the next year on the same platforms by Left 4 Dead 2, which has proven as resistant to rigor mortis as the zombies it features. Valve has continued working on the game in the years since launch, releasing the Cold Stream downloadable content pack in July for the PC and August for the Xbox 360. In addition, last month Valve announced that it would be adding support for the community-created Steam Workshop into Left 4 Dead 2.


James Wells
Gaming Contributor -

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I've continued to be impressed at the continued support L4D2 has received, now going 3 years strong. That kind of life support, especially on consoles, is all but unheard of... especially with the FPS. If Activision were still releasing new map packs for Call of Duty: MW2, perhaps I'd have made the prestige rankings (but in all honesty, probably not).

Posted:A year ago


Ian Brown
IT Developer / IT Infrastructure

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*Spelling checks :P*

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Posted:A year ago


Armin Seuchter
Studying Business Management

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And now the series is coming to Linux. Good going, Valve. Allowing a series with such a great following to be played on operating systems that aren't Windows is remarkable.

Posted:A year ago


Tim Carter
Designer - Writer - Producer

562 310 0.6
Good going community level designers and mod-makers (L4D was originally made by a mod team). All those self-funded folks making content for Valve games.

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Posted:A year ago


Marty Howe

61 27 0.4
I wish Valve would make Half Life 3 (maybe they're doing it behind the scenes)

Posted:A year ago


Greg Wilcox
Creator, Destroy All Fanboys!

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I'd actually be more impressed it Valve was "letting people play the game" on the PS3 and Vita. Cross platform, at that. Where's the love, huh? Guaranteed million-seller there, I say.

Posted:A year ago


Al Rhodes
Web producer/designer

24 15 0.6
I'm with Greg. I love the L4D games, such a high quality game compared to what the first trailers suggested, but where's the PS3 version?

Posted:A year ago


Peter Dwyer
Games Designer/Developer

481 290 0.6
About time for L4D 3 don't you think.

Posted:A year ago


Christopher Pickford

54 76 1.4
12 million? Crikey - that's pretty impressive! Awesome game and thoroughly deserved :-)

Posted:A year ago


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