PlayStation Suite Open Beta now available

Free SDK for game creation on Vita and certified devices

Sony has launched the free Open Beta for its PlayStation Suite SDK, which will allow developers to create and test games for Vita and PS Certified devices.

It's available for download now, and allows the development of apps and games, testing of debug versions and support from SCE employees via a Developer's Forum.

Once the Open Beta is closed, developer will be given the opportunity to sign a contract that will enable them to sell their apps and games through the PlayStation Store.

"You can start submitting and selling content to users once the Developer Program for PS Suite officially launches later this year. We are now making every effort to ensure that your content can be sold in as many countries and regions as possible. We will post information on this website as it becomes available."

Sony announced the open beta in March at GDC.

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Antony Carter Senior Programmer, Epic Games5 years ago
Looking forward to having a go with this, nice that it can run on retail Vita's from the start!
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