Industry and comics vets found core mobile dev Industry Toys

Bungie's Alex Seropian, Dreamworks' Brent Pease and art talent from DC/Marvel on board

Bungie co-founder Alex Seropian, alongside ex-Dreamworks executive Brent Pease and new president Tim Harris have founded a new mobile development studio aimed at producing games for the hardcore market.

Industrial Toys will also employ what Harris calls "some kickass art talent from ex-Marvel and DC guys," according to a report from

Currently, the company has a fairly sparse Facebook page and Twitter Feed, but the pedigree of the founders should hopefully ensure a bright future.

A brief company manifesto on the Facebook landing page gives more of a clue to the company's focus.

"We believe in the future of mobile," the summary begins. "No more excuses for inferior game play, graphics, and idle time-wasters with cute names and elementary mechanics. We believe in the audience of core gamers who are waiting, demanding respect.

"And we're prepared to over deliver with something they've never seen in the world of mobile - artistically-envisioned high-quality production, intricately advanced layers of narrative and gameplay in a free-to-play model designed to inspire rather than exploit."

The LA-based outfit is keen to differentiate itself in an increasingly claustrophobic market, setting out quality standards which reflect the team's AAA background.

"We are driven to innovate beyond industry standards and trust in these inherent truths: that the future of gaming is about being accessible without sacrificing quality. That mobile technology allows us the creativity to invent more dynamic gameplay. And that games are meant to develop and thrive as open collaboration between game designer and user."

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PARKER WHITNEY Designer/Artist, Flyclops, LLC4 years ago
I love to see this. Can't wait to see what they create.
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Alex Bortoluzzi President and CEO, Xoobis4 years ago
It's a daring proposition, and I'm looking forward to playing their games.
Unfortunately, they will have to compete with a ton of low quality games that are still flooding the market, and eating an expensive game's lunch. So many beautiful games losing ground to stick figure time wasters, it almost seems that mobile users don't care for polish, and are only looking for simplistic, single tap experiences. I wonder if more polished and complex games scare the casual public away from the mobile market, driving them to the ultra simple, low quality titles.
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